Bryn's top 10 favorite second life builds. Last years .....

    Starting in January I will begin counting down my top 10 favorite second life builds from last year.  But before I do, I am going to post my favorites from 2008.  I have condensed them into two machinima this one.. which is #5-3 and I will post #2-1 a bit later.  Then after that I will post my Elevensies which are those that I really liked but fell just outside the top 10.  Now remember that these are just my personal favorites and I am not suggesting they are the greatest works made over the last year, nor the greatest artists.  In fact some of my favorite artists are not even in the top 10 because their body of work is fantastic but they didn't have one single work that pushed its way into the top ones.  Its like Radiohead, they might be my favorite band but I am not sure that if I made a top 10 favorite songs list that they would even have one in it.  If you wish to see the reasons why I picked these three above then click the link to last years post below.

The machinima is a bit dated as I was just learning how to do it at this time last year.  In fact I even left the hud showing which is kind of annoying.  But the best way to really appreciate them is to go see them in person.


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