Thursday, February 26, 2009

#3 Greenies

#3 Greenies

11 Madcow Cosmos - Unfinished build
10 Spiral Walcher - "Tunnel of Light"
9 Ub Yifu's Avatar - Don Quixote
8 Jojorunoo Runo - Pervy room
7 Madpea - Swamp Hotel
6 Nonnatus Korhonnen - Needlebirds
5 Light Waves - "Night Dreaming"
4 AM Radio - "The Far Away"
3 Greenies

I went over to Greenies the other day to make the machinima for this post. Unfortunately the Greenies I remember was from about a year ago and the one there right now has some flaws which would have likely dropped it a few spots. I feel a bit guilty saying this as I really should not penalize Rezzable for trying to make the sim profitable. The first flaw is that the telehub is on some kind of disco table now which removes the whole lead up to the sim. The second flaw is all the marketing stuff laying about which is just distracting. The third is the rally car racing numbers all over which somehow break the feeling of Immersion. I understand why these things were added and perhaps they have increased traffic and made them some money. I think what I will do is just talk about the Greenies I remember.

Bryn Oh looks off into the distance Happy Days style.....

The first time I went to greenies I began in a tunnel. Continuing along it brought me to a torn piece of paper with some old comic book adverts. Inside was a great little jet pack which I actually still use. I wandered down this tunnel and came out inside a house. I remember looking through all the rooms and wondering why the front of the house was missing. Stepping out brought me into a massive room and I realized that I was now very very tiny. When I turned to look back I saw that the house I had just come out of, was actually a Dolls house and the tunnel was for mice. This moment made the sim for me. I love the planning that went into keeping the first part of my journey mysterious until I actually walked out of the house and looked back. (that's why moving the telehub was a bad idea)
The main builders for Greenies were the wonderfully talented pair of Littletoe Bartlett and Pavig Lok mixed in with some Light Waves. Their original vision was just a giant room with a bunch of mischievous Green aliens getting into trouble. It was the first build I had come across that had production values which seemed professional. It reminded me of Toy Story or Monsters Inc.
It is a mix of humour and fantastic building skills. It has a story and was very unique to use scale in such a way. I still don't think I have seen another sim seriously play the scale game, probably because Greenies was done so well that everyone is afraid to. Would love to see someone try though.
Moving from place to place finding little aliens looking at playboy magazines, smoking pot or getting into other forms of trouble kept me flying around experiencing the giant sim from all angles. Its wonderfully planned out and has lots of little details to keep you searching. Its still a fantastic sim just ... less so.

This takes you to where you should begin at Greenies

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