Saturday, December 27, 2008

Caerleon Island artist Glyph Graves

The dangerously thin Glyph Graves is one of my favorite artists in second life. On the surface he would appear to be an alpha texture rotation artist. And were he to work solely in this manner then he would still be one of my favorites. However, Glyph does some really amazing things under the surface. He adds sound for example, which is activated by the wind in second life. As the wind changes it triggers notes. He also makes some very interesting amoeba/jellyfish/space monsters. They have refined movement and character which is missing from many second life attempts at creating something that mimics an organism. There is a great depth to Glyphs work so really you should go see it. "Ohhh but I have ate too much turkey.. and I've got a funny feeling in my toe..." Stop the excuses and go see it. He is one of our prolific artists at Caerleon Island and also a really nice guy. He will open this show at NMC ars simulacra on sunday december 28th at 3:30pm.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1.5 days not 2

I was away the last few days for family christmas stuff and I have returned feeling surly. You see.. I am both charming and loving with family for 1.5 days. Sadly I was there for 2 days. This is the preface to my impending snarkiness. I came home and logged into second life to see what was up. Before I left I had a show at Uqbar Arena. Its an Italian sim showcasing SL art. Well I was told that a Gaziva Babeli had come to see my work and was filled into to the mystery surrounding this person or persons. I was given a landmark by my friend Luce Laval to see Gazivas work. It was a great build of a tap spewing a multitude of objects ranging from cows to star wars cars. I saw an island beside it and flew over to see if it was related. I landed and saw immediately that it was one of those lame sims that put out campfires with beach towels and other real world stuff.

Yes thats the picture there... even a diving board. I walked around the corner and was shocked and saddened to see a big floating sign with my Art Schools name on it. Now this was terrible for two reasons. First is that my art school has a sim and they put a campfire with beach towels down. Second is that about a year ago I sent a proposal to them offering to set up second life and to teach a course within second life for the students. I was told that the schools direction was determined internally rather than by external sources. Meaning courses are not decided by "outsiders"
I think I have had a small amount of sucess and having me be a part of their presence in second life should only improve their program. I most certainly would not build a campfire with beach towels.

Ok I will stop venting. Sometimes people come into second life and they dont really see its potential for a while. They try to recreate the real world. They build a replica of their art school. This appeals to nobody. Ok perhaps their students come and say "Hey this looks a bit like our school" the first time they see it. But that happens once. So don't build a replica.

Look at the picture below. Prepare yourself. Its a meeting room with a twist. Look closely. "Holy christ!" you may shout "Why that meeting room has no roof! what if it rains!" This was the most NPIRL thing they could come up with. Hey look in the sky OCAD! why thats me in the picture.. I am flying.. because in second life i can freaking fly.
And you know what else? I can teleport too. (Bryn calms down)

Perhaps I am being unjust crucifying my old art school this way.
Maybe they just need to figure things out and will shortly become a strong influence within the second life art world. And I was with the family for 2 days rather than the recommended 1.5 days. There are factors to explain me being surly. I think I just need to relax on a virtual beach towel somewhere. Give myself some time to forget my father telling me not to put my hand in the blender while its on. WTF!? do you really think you need to tell me not to put my hand in the blender?
I mean seriously Dad why would I put my hand in the blender while its on?

Oh I almost forgot. They put a flag on the sim. I really don't like that for some reason. You know, now that I think of it I probably shouldnt write blog posts while I am feeling snarky.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Links to video

Just wondering if anyone out there has a good site to place machinima to link to from SL? I tried to link to youtube a while back but they seem to change the file extentions regularly, which prevents a permanent connection. Above are a few pictures from my secret store.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Four Yip!

I had one person at the top of my
list whom I wanted to join Caerleon Island, and it was the great Four Yip. Four has been creating fantastic things in second life for ages now and I have been admiring them all from afar. An important thing for me was to get someone who has work which is markedly different from the other artists already here. Not merely a variation of someone we already have.
So here are some articles about Four

This is our current list of artists working within the three islands of Caerleon. They are in no particular order.

Ub Yifu
Sowa Mai
Bryn Oh
Pete Jiminy
marnie Reinard
Feathers Boa
four Yip
Fran Benoir
Glyph Graves
Sabrinaa Nightfire
luce Leval
Thoth Jantzen
Evo Szuyuan
Alizarin Goldflake
Nonnatus Korhonen
Pixels Sideways
Trinity Halberstadt
Georg Janick
Kueperpunk Korhonen
Simon Sugita
Sunseeker Miklos
Katya Anantine
Cae Sands

Monday, December 8, 2008

Caerleon Island Expands again

There are a few moments in my second life which have been turning points for me. One was Bettina Tizzy and Tayzia Abbatoir finding me at a sandbox and telling me what NPIRL was and asking if I could show them some of my steampunk insects. Another will be Dusan Writer giving me that sim. But in between was meeting someone who suddenly began buying everything I had ever made in second life. This person turned out to be a University Professor from Boston going by the SL name of Georg Janick. This particularly interesting person asked if I would be a member of an artist island he was about to buy called Caerleon. I would get my own plot and 1500 prims and I would brush shoulders with the best artists he could find in genres ranging from poetry to activism. And best of all I wouldn't have to fight griefers in the sandbox. Admittedly I had just bought the most expensive fighting thing that SL offered at the time and was thoroughly enjoying my new found ability to kick ass rather than be ass kicked. But we all make sacrifices for art I suppose.
So Caerleon Island was formed and a small group of international artists began making things. Artists such as Nonnatus Karhonnen began making self replicating organisms while on the other side of the island Kueperpunk is writing his RL cybercrime books. OK that's probably not his genre of writing but sounds neat. After a while Georg bought another island and we named it New Caerleon in a fit of creativity. It houses educational buildings as well as a robot facility that I built for georg seeing as he is a robot nerd. And now... well now Georg has told us he is buying another island. This one will be for collaborative builds and special events. I suggested we call it Newest Caerleon but I really don't think anyone liked that name.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I now have my own island to work on. And while I will miss being on Caerleon, I have decided to give up my space to a new artist. And guess what! I get to pick that artist. So I will be looking around for someone to take my spot which I believe now has a max of 2000 prims to use. I have a few in mind and will be contacting them shortly, but if you think you could be the next artist then give me a shout in world and show me your stuff.

Thursday, December 4, 2008