Caerleon Island Expands again

There are a few moments in my second life which have been turning points for me. One was Bettina Tizzy and Tayzia Abbatoir finding me at a sandbox and telling me what NPIRL was and asking if I could show them some of my steampunk insects. Another will be Dusan Writer giving me that sim. But in between was meeting someone who suddenly began buying everything I had ever made in second life. This person turned out to be a University Professor from Boston going by the SL name of Georg Janick. This particularly interesting person asked if I would be a member of an artist island he was about to buy called Caerleon. I would get my own plot and 1500 prims and I would brush shoulders with the best artists he could find in genres ranging from poetry to activism. And best of all I wouldn't have to fight griefers in the sandbox. Admittedly I had just bought the most expensive fighting thing that SL offered at the time and was thoroughly enjoying my new found ability to kick ass rather than be ass kicked. But we all make sacrifices for art I suppose.
So Caerleon Island was formed and a small group of international artists began making things. Artists such as Nonnatus Karhonnen began making self replicating organisms while on the other side of the island Kueperpunk is writing his RL cybercrime books. OK that's probably not his genre of writing but sounds neat. After a while Georg bought another island and we named it New Caerleon in a fit of creativity. It houses educational buildings as well as a robot facility that I built for georg seeing as he is a robot nerd. And now... well now Georg has told us he is buying another island. This one will be for collaborative builds and special events. I suggested we call it Newest Caerleon but I really don't think anyone liked that name.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I now have my own island to work on. And while I will miss being on Caerleon, I have decided to give up my space to a new artist. And guess what! I get to pick that artist. So I will be looking around for someone to take my spot which I believe now has a max of 2000 prims to use. I have a few in mind and will be contacting them shortly, but if you think you could be the next artist then give me a shout in world and show me your stuff.


SaveMe Oh said…
If you are desperate and can't find anyone, think about your family.

SaveMe Oh

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