Caerleon Island artist Glyph Graves

The dangerously thin Glyph Graves is one of my favorite artists in second life. On the surface he would appear to be an alpha texture rotation artist. And were he to work solely in this manner then he would still be one of my favorites. However, Glyph does some really amazing things under the surface. He adds sound for example, which is activated by the wind in second life. As the wind changes it triggers notes. He also makes some very interesting amoeba/jellyfish/space monsters. They have refined movement and character which is missing from many second life attempts at creating something that mimics an organism. There is a great depth to Glyphs work so really you should go see it. "Ohhh but I have ate too much turkey.. and I've got a funny feeling in my toe..." Stop the excuses and go see it. He is one of our prolific artists at Caerleon Island and also a really nice guy. He will open this show at NMC ars simulacra on sunday december 28th at 3:30pm.


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