Monday, December 30, 2013

I was robbed!

suspect line up
      I woke up today to a rather ominous message sent to me by Linden Lab.  In it they informed me that my account had been put on hold due to "suspicious behaviour".   The suspicious behaviour was somebody stealing all my money!  Joke was on them though as I had already been robbed numerous times by stores before Christmas.  A word of advice to burglers... rob before Christmas as it is likely much more lucrative.  Seriously though my first thoughts were "how long is this going to take to get resolved?" my second thought was completely unrelated so I wont bother repeating it here.  So I went in to the Linden police station to see if I could identify the culprit by picking them out from a suspect line up behind a one way mirror.  Sadly I lagged bad at that moment and walked through the one way glass and they all saw me.   I didn't recognize any of the shapes but I didn't like the look of the cube.. seemed a bit two faced to me.  I have to say though that Linden Lab fixed it in a matter of hours.  I was pretty impressed and felt a wee bit guilty for my snarky post about them the other day.  Now I have to figure out what this means.  A friend of mine says I have to reformat my entire computer in case they have a keylogger on my computer now.  That would be pretty horrible and tons of work.  Someone else said my nortons program should be sufficient to tell me if I need to be worried.  I am changing all my passwords now but I guess if they have a keylogger that wont do much.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas wishes

I would like to wish everyone happy holidays!  It is Christmas eve and no doubt Santa has been forced to rent a second sleigh in order to bring me all my gifts.

     I have a few Christmas wishes for the new year.  The first wish is that Linden Lab will stop pretending their lawyers are looking at new wording for the TOS which many of the creative residents found so appalling.   A few months back they said their Lawyers were looking into adjusting the wording in response to actions from numerous community groups like the United Content Creators of Second Life group.  So with all this time passing, and our IP lawyers suggesting they need only change a few words to satisfy the community, it would appear the situation is either they wish to let so much time pass that the burning anger that the community was running on slowly dissipated to quiet grumbling.  They can live with quiet grumbling.. I mean their whole history is about quiet grumbling.  If that is not their strategy then my wish would be that they fire their Lawyers who are supposed to be working on it.  They are clearly being taken advantage of if the Layers are suggesting they need more time than two months to change a few words.

     Another wish would be for the current Second Life viewer to be scrapped with the Firestorm team being hired to create their default viewers.  Either that or start adding windlights or functionality similar to phototools etc.  They can have all the windlights I have made for free they merely have to ask.  Actually they don't have to ask, they already own them, so please just include them.. it will take two seconds.  Their viewer is improved graphically, but they really need to unify the experience.  For example, my new build relies specifically on a Firestorm windlight/sky which the Second Life viewer doesn't possess.  You can set the sim to force a windlight which would be great .. if it worked regularly.  Essentially what this means is that when my new build opens only Firestorm viewers will see it properly, unless the forced windlight works which it may not.  I have never relied on a windlight before like I will for this new build, so if it doesn't work for half the visitors then the experience will be vastly reduced and very discouraging.

     Another wish would be for tier to go down some.  It is getting harder and harder to justify spending $300 a month on a virtual space.  As I said I am working on a new story for Immersiva and by the time it comes out next month it will have cost me $900 to build due to tier.  They need to make it easier for people who devellop content that directly improves their product and peoples enjoyment of it, to be able to continue to work there.  What about having tier drop yearly the longer you have owned a sim?  So dropping $50 a year provided you have maintained payment.  For example, if you have owned a sim for three years you would be instead be paying $150 a month.  It would encourage retention of regions and make people happy!

     It is not all bad though, Linden Lab have made some wonderful improvements to Second Life this year ranging from improved rez time to overall stability.  When I first came to Second Life it would often be down for half the day on Wednesdays as they tried to implement new things.  They have really improved the product over time and their programmers certainly deserve credit for that.   It is true that I am annoyed with you right now Linden Lab, I find there are too many apologists defending your actions, the most disturbing being those few artists with no sense of self worth. It was nice to see many in the community, both bloggers and residents, stand up and challenge Linden Lab on their TOS, hopefully that will continue and Linden Lab realizes they can not just avoid the topic.

     Really though my main wish is that by this time next year my growing disenchantment with Linden Lab will have dissipated with me realizing that it was all a misunderstanding.  Hopefully they have a grand plan which will make everyone happy, but have been forced to keep it secret, which is quite plausible.  That would be great don't you think?

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Avi choice awards - results

      So here is the voting results for the Avi choice awards that happened the other day.  The name in red is the winner with the most votes while the person just above them in the list had the second most votes and so on.  For example,  Blake Hamilton won the Favorite DJ with Sadist Sinister getting the second most votes etc.  These are the top five but each category may have had 20 or more people nominated.  The event was held over four sims and several hundred also watched it on a virtual world TV station.  We are a funny bunch aren't we?  I have realized from reading the list that I have to get out more.  And for some categories I was kind of perplexed on how some people were missing.. but that is the inevitable controversy a list of anything creates.  This is a handy resource though as I now know where to go shopping or who to see live. That is of course if I didn't always look the same or spend all my time building things.


Favorite DJ
Bard Wasp
Cowgrl Crystal
AlexanderTG Gottesman
Sadist Sinister

Blake Hambleton – Avi Choice
Favorite Rock Club
Ohana Rock Club – Eric Tempest
Junkyard Blues – Kiff Clutterbuck
Wet Willies Classic Rock, Blues & Country Club – Gator Okelly
Muddy’s Music Cafe – Bridgett Hamill

Big Daddy’s – Jade Kennedy or Bianca Marchant - Avi Choice
Favorite Formal Venue
Phat Cat’s Premier – Stephano Zepp
Bogart’s Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra
RMS Titanic – Mara Menges
Sweethearts Jazz Club – Blake and Shannon Bramlington

Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra - Avi Choice
Favorite Country Venue
Bama Country – Moe33 Darkfold
Quasar Country Saloon – Coloradocowboy Manen
Wildcat Country – Jarrod Ramer
Smoking Aces – Shannon Dubratt

Black Horse Country – Mackenzie Ariel - Avi Choice
Favorite Live Music Venue
Live Nation – Sadist Sinister
Key West Resort & Marina – Liz Harley / Coreopsis Bluebird
Bogart’s – Nanceee Sinatra
Sweethearts Select Club – Blake Hambleton and Shannon Bramlington

Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra - Avi Choice
Favorite Blues Club
Voodoo Bayou – Blaxmagix Resident
Hotlanta Blues – DonPaul Cale
FogBound Blues Club – Yanik Lytton
Crossroads Blues – Jaco Fitzpatrick

Junkyard Blues Club – Kiff Clutterbuck - Avi Choice
Favorite Jazz Club
Hotlanta – DonPaul Cale
Phat Cat’s Jazz Club – stephano Zepp
Bogarts Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra
Franks Elite Jazz – Nanceee Sinatra

Sweethearts Jazz & Social Dance Club – Blake and Shannon Bramlington - Avi Choice
Favorite Host or Hostess
Zeus Michalski
Songbird Lyric
Coreopsis Bluebird
Sadist Sinister

Elita Wardell - Avi Choice
Favorite Tribute Show
Elvis Tribute by Antonio Galloway
Kid Rock Tribute by American Badd Ass
REBEL YELL Concerts – Lestat Zalivstok
Patsy Cline Tribute – Savannah Coronet

Bad Ampitude – Vampira Voom / Fredric Forcella - Avi Choice
Favorite Country Singer
Harry Frychester
Johnny Paramour
Trav McCullough
TerryLynn Melody

Savannah Coronet - Avi Choice
Favorite Pop Singer
Antonio Galloway
Savannah Coronet
Ceci Dover
Rhiannon Yuhara

Maximillion Kleene - Avi Choice
Favorite Rock Singer
JimmyT49 Dukes
Savannah Coronet
Wayne Davis Rocks
Rhiannon Yuhara

Maximillion Kleene - Avi Choice
Favorite Jazz Artist/Musician
ScarlettLa Roux
Chillee Hernandoz
Gina Gracemount
Antonio Galloway

Voodoo Shilton - Avi Choice
Favorite Blues Artist
Tukso Okey
Gina Gracemount
Wolfie Moonshadow
JimmyT49 Dukes

Noma Falta - Avi Choice
Favorite Original Music Artist
JordanReyne Deezul
Amforte Clarity
Russell Eponym
Voodoo Shilton

WayneDavis Rocks - Avi Choice
Favorite Singing Duo
KatRose Serendipity and DennyMac
Frogg Marlow and Jaycatt Nico
Erin68 Frog & Satin Galli

Lisa Brune and Maximillion Kleene - Avi Choice
Favorite Female Musician
Lisa Brune
Samm Qendra
Noma Falta
Ceci Dover

Savannah Coronet - Avi Choice
Favorite Male Musician
Wolfie Moonshadow
Russell Eponym
JimmyT49 Dukes
Antonio Galloway

Maximillion Kleen - Avi Choice
Favorite poet/spoken word performer/actor – Male
Thundergas Menges
William Ewing
RoseDrop Rust
Sadist Sinister

Russell Eponym - Avi Choice
Favorite poet/spoken word performer/actor – Female
Karima Hoisan
Jamee Sandalwood
Freda Frostbite
Jullianna Juliesse

Bryn Oh - Avi Choice
Favorite Model
Seashell Dench
Mimmi Boa
Anna Sapphire
Wicca Merlin

Strawberry Singh - Avi Choice
Favorite SL Comedian
Shane Foresight/Kaijah Chrome
Dan Silentghost
Lauren Weyland

Sadist Sinister - Avi Choice
Favorite Sporting Event
Wrestling Worlds Federation – Gerudo Waco
Coalition Football League – Annalise Cyberstar
Second Life Surfing Association – Flynn Sheridan
Second Life Roller Derby – Allure Ingmann

Giant Snail Races – RacerX Gullwing - Avi Choice
Favorite Cultural Spot (library, opera house, theater, etc)
Seanchai Library
Music Island Concert series on VIRTLANTIS
Winds of the Sahara
Theater On The Hill

The Rose Theatre - Avi Choice
Favorite Art Gallery
Panorama – Ono Shelman
Alanis Gallery – Sylvia Fitzpatrick & Michiel Seetan
Paris Metro Art Galery – Paris Zsun
Immersiva – Bryn Oh

Rose Theater Art Gallery – Kylie Sabra – Kaya Angel - Avi Choice
Favorite Artist
Zandy Oh
Whisky Monday
Toysoldier Thor
Skip Staheli

Bryn Oh - Avi Choice
Favorite Linden
Zed Linden

Torley - Avi Choice


Favorite Jewelry Store
Gossamer Jewelry – Maxi Gossamer
JCNY – JD Hansen
MANDALA Jewelry – kikunosuke Eel
Chop Zuey – Belle Roussel

Earthstones – Abraxxa Anatine - Avi Choice
Favorite Skin Designer
Al Vulo – Hlin Bluebird
WoW skins – Sawsan Secretspy
Glam Affair – Aida Ewing
Belleza – Tricky Boucher

LAQ – Mallory Cowen - Avi Choice
Favorite Hair Designer
Magika – Sabina Gully
Exile – Kavar Cleanslate
Wasabi Pills – MissAllSunday Lemon
Emotions – Mirja Mills

Truth – Truth Hawks - Avi Choice
Favorite Avatar Accessories
Utopia – Saby Clary
Lolas – Sandi Moonites
Ikon eyes – Ikon Innovia
X-cite – Nyteshade Vesperia

Slink – Siddean Munro - Avi Choice
Favorite Shoe Designer
Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle
DRAKKE DESIGNS – Mandrakke Dagger
Slink – Siddean Munro
[GOS] – Gospel Voom

N-Core – Claire Messenger - Avi Choice
Favorite Women’s Apparel
Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle
Sn@tch – Ivey Deschanel
ColdLogic – Zyrra Falcone, Damien Fate and Janie Marlowe
Sascha’s Designs – Sascha Frangilli

Purple Moon – Poulet Koenkamp - Avi Choice
Favorite Lingerie Designer
Zaara – Zaara Kohime
Sn@tch – Ivey Deschanel
Utopia – Saby Clary
Carrie’s Lingerie – Carrie Bridger

Black Lace – Mariska Simons - Avi Choice
Favorite Men’s Apparel
Gabriel – Takuya Jinn
Razor – Kehl Razor
Hoorenbeek – Ansor Hoorenbeek
Redgrave – Emilia Redgrave

Lapointe and Bastchild – BastChild Lotus & Paul Lapointe - Avi Choice
Favorite Kids Apparel
~Jack & Jill~ – Sidni Sahara
Loki Mesh Clothing -Loki Eliot
Baby Pie – Gabrielle Gregory
Cute Bytes – Bit McMillan

Zooby – Carrie Tatsu - Avi Choice
Favorite Kids Designer
Loki Mesh clothes -Loki Eliot
Babydolls Boutique – Babydoll Stardust
Baby Pie – Gabrielle Gregory
Cute Bytes – Bit McMillan

Zooby – Carrie Tatsu - Avi Choice
Favorite Petite/Tiny AV Creator
Hlin Bluebird – Al Vulo
Wynx Whiplash – Wynxworks
Boudior – Precious Restless
Caverna Obscura – Elvina Ewing

Yabusaka Loon – Yabusata - Avi Choice
Favorite Furry AV Creator
Uchi Desmoulins – Curious Inc
Ash Soyinka – Blue Galaxy
Hydrogen Excelsior- Niramyth Production
Darkspot Designs – Oken Hax

Lovecat Thei – LoveCats Designs - Avi Choice
Favorite Animal AV Creator
Jakkal Dingo – The WereHouse Avatars
Toady Nakamura- Grendel’s Children
Wynx Whiplash – Wynxworks
Yabusaka Loon – Yabusata

Carrie Tatsu – Zooby - Avi Choice
Favorite Merfolk Creator
Lowlypop – The Muses
Alia Baroque – Fallen Gods
Jade Wolfenhaut – Pacific Sunrise
Opal Lei – Mer Betta

Evangeline Miles – Evie’s Closet - Avi Choice
Favorite Petite Female Apparel
Caverna Obscura – Elvina Ewing
Fallen Gods – Alia Baroque
Snowpaws – Carrie Snowpaw
Bare Rose – June Dion

Evie’s Closet – Evangeline Miles - Avi Choice
Favorite Petite Male Apparel
Immortals – Nl Sperber
RFYRE – Raven Pennyfeather
Bare Rose – June Dion

Fallen Gods – Alia Baroque - Avi Choice


Favorite Holiday Store
MB CreationZ – Minke Bailey
Boudoir – Precious Restless
Holiday Village – Mairead Fitzgerald & Karra Babii
Stonewood Interiors – Haillie Calisto

What Next – Winter Thorn - Avi Choice
Favorite Furniture Creator
2wat Michigan – MiChIGaN’s ShAcK
Pamela Galli – La Galleria
Cory Edo – Trompe Loeil
Akaesha Revnik – ReAct

Winter Thorn – What Next - Avi Choice
Favorite Home Builder
La Galleria – Pamela Galli
Barnesworth Anubis – Barnesworth Anubis
Stonewood Homes – Rider Raleigh
Trompe Loeil – Cory Edo

Inverse – Novocaine Islay - Avi Choice
Favorite ‘Anything’ Builder (not homes/furniture)
Sculpty Republic – Anthonys Republic
Curio Obscura – Pandora Wrigglesworth
MiChIGaN’s ShAcK -2Wat Michigan
Apple Fall – Warehousefifteendesigns Resident

Meli Imako – Meli Imako - Avi Choice
Favorite Garden and Landscape Store
Luna Bliss Gardens – Luna Bliss
Two Moons Gardens – Bunnie Badger
The Heart Garden Centre- Lilith Heart
Botanical – Kriss Lehman

Studio Skye – Alex Bader - Avi Choice
Favorite Sim Build (to explore through)
Ceridwen’s Cauldron – Elicio Ember
Garden of Dreams – Kayle Matzerath
Madpea Carnival – Madpea Resident
Japan Tempura Island – Kikunosuke Eel

Calas Galadhon Park – Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith - Avi Choice
Favorite Land Company
Willowdale Estates – Imagin Illyar
Dream Seeker Estates – Zeebster Colasanti
Zoha Islands – Zoha Boa
Anshe Chung – Anshe Chung

Azure Island – Candy Azure - Avi Choice
Favorite ‘On the Go’ Creator (car, motorcycle, boat, plane, etc)
Cigar Yachts -Robin Lobo
Pro Street Cars – Scholes Devin
Bull God Choppers – Blazeabsurdity
Haru Motors – Haru Kappler

MLCC Headquarters-Bikes – Motor Loon - Avi Choice
Favorite Breedable
Fennux – Daemon Blackflag
Wild Kajaera – Jaed Cartier, Kay Rembrandt and Random Nirvana
Amaretto Breedables – Josaphine Cooperstone
Meeroos – Moxie Polano & Levio Serenity

KittyCats – Callie Cline, Equinox Pinion, kittycats resident - Avi Choice
Favorite Breedable Market
a LiTTLe BiT of EVERYTHING- Neckcadaver Resident
ScratchN Post – LickN Wonder
Mystic Bay Breedables – Mallorie Floresby
Meeroos Temple – Justin Arabello & Nicolas80 Toki

Too Adorable – Kendrah Vantelli - Avi Choice
Favorite Breedable Breeder
Roxy Bergiere
Sebastian007 Viper
Angelique Wickentower

Mallorie Floresby - Avi Choice
Favorite Role Play Sim
Berlin 1920s – Jo Yardley
Mischief Managed – Anya Ohmai
Tombstone Arizona – Madminxmag Vandeperck
Sanctuary CCS Sim – Stevie Basevi

World of Hogwarts – Trystan Trevellion - Avi Choice


Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical
Busted – Maggie Bluxome
The SL Enquirer – Lanai Jarrico
Prim Perfect – Saffia Widdershins
Avenue – Rusch Raymaker

Best Of SL – Frolic Mills - Avi Choice
Favorite SL Radio Station
Gorean Whip Radio – Brett Bertolucci
T1 Radio – Trader Whiplash & Nuala Maracas
Best of SL – Frolic Mills
SecondLife Radio – Nilson Bravin

SL Live Radio – Thorn Andel and Esme Capelo - Avi Choice
Favorite SL TV Show
Snail Races on Treet TV -Wiz Nordberg & RacerX Gullwing
Metaverse Live – Robustus Hax
Happy Hunting – Cinders Vale

Designing Worlds – Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin - Avi Choice
Favorite SL Media/News Source
New World Notes – Hamlet Au
Daniel Voyager Blog – Daniel Voyager
Associated SL Press – Frolic Mills
Metaverse TV – Robustus Hax

The SL Enquirer: Lanai Jarrico - Avi Choice
Favorite Machinima Production
Oculus in New Babbage – Loki Elliot
MaMachinima – Chantal Harvey
Modavia – William Weaver
Miss Virtual World – Frolic Mills

The Drax Files – Draxtor Despres - Avi Choice
Favorite Videographer
William Weaver
Foxie Dinzeo (OKelly)
Draxtor Despres
Robert69 Little

Bryn Oh - Avi Choice
Favorite Dance Troupe
Spirit Light Dance Company -Caryl Meredith
Ballet Pixelle – Inarra Saarinen
Guerilla Burlesque – Chryblnd Scribe
Dazzlers – Pyper Dollinger

SL Cheerleading Squad – Christi Charron - Avi Choice
Favorite SL Blog/Blogger
Eddi Haskell
Harper Beresford
Xia Nishi -Hunt SL

Cherlindrea Lamont – Fabulously Free in SL - Avi Choice
Favorite Event
Mad Pea Hunts – Kiana Writer
The Hair Fair – Sasy Scarborough
Relay For Life Weekend – RFL Volunteers

The arcade – The Arcade Gacha - Avi Choice
Favorite Photographer/Photography Studio
Whiskey Monday
Skip Staheli
Neva Crystal
Image Essentials Free to Use Photo Studios – Kay Weston

Strawberry Singh - Avi Choice
Favorite Texture Store
Twisted Thorn Textures – Nighty Goodspeed
Timeless Textures – Xzavia Yifu
KaTink – AnneMarit Jarvinen
Textures ‘R’ Us – Lillybeth Filth

Studio Skye – Alex Bader - Avi Choice
Favorite Second Life Group
Firestorm Support English Ed Merryman
Madpeas – Kiana Writer
KittyCatS Addicts – Callie Cline
Builder’s Brewery – Sensuous Maximus

Sweethearts Jazz Social Club Group – Blake Hambleton and Shannon Bramlington - Avi Choice
Favorite Shopping Region
The Cookie Jar – 2WAT Michigan
Alter Ego – Toxxic Rhianny
Utopia – Saby Clary & Ricky Zhichao
Sweethearts Plaza – Shannon Bramlington

Collabor88 – Collabor88 Resident - Avi Choice
Favorite Static Pose Creator
Kabuki Animations – Naku Nishi
Del May Poses – Del May
KaTink Poses – AnneMarit Jarvinen
Purple Poses – Audrey Guter

Vista Animations – Vista Barnes - Avi Choice
Favorite Dance Animations
SineWave – Easy Babcock
A&M Mocap – Shadow Farstrider
Bits and Bobs – Craig Altman
MyANIMATION – Ramona Criss & Kpusha Kanto

Humanoid – Marcus Adkins - Avi Choice
Favorite Male AO Creator
MyANIMATION – Ramona Criss
Tuty’s – Haimrich Fredriksson
Oracul – daiz Papp
Akeyo – Artoo Magneto

Vista – Vista Barnes - Avi Choice
Favorite Female AO Creator
MyANIMATION – Ramona Criss
Tuty’s – Haimrich Fredriksson
Akeyo – Artoo Magneto
Oracul – Daiz Papp

Vista -Vista Barnes - Avi Choice

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Avi Choice Awards and The Oldbie project

    If you are wondering why foam hands and motion capture twerking animations are selling briskly on marketplace then wonder no more!  It is because the Avi Choice Awards are coming up.  The voting period ends on Dec. 13th and the awards show will take place at the Xmas Expo 2013 regions on Dec. 15th @ 3pm SLT.

The show will be televised on Aview TV and broadcast on T1 Radio. 
For more information about the Avi Choice Awards, visit the website at   I am a wee bit late posting this as the final day is tomorrow to vote.  I am excited to say that I was nominated in four categories.  Favorite Videographer.. umm machinimatographer, Favorite poet/spoken word performer/actor, Favorite Art Gallery for Immersiva and Favorite Artist.  So yay that is kind of fun.  Looking at the list of people and categories made me realize that I need to get out more.  I am, however, feverishly building a foam hand just in case I do win something.

Another thing I wanted to mention was a great series of posts done by DrFran Babcock called The Oldbie project.  I like to read about how sl has evolved over the decade or so since its inception and these interviews are done with the very early residents.  Often they will mention little tidbits of how it used to be.. like for example the latest interview is with Hikaru Yamamoto and she talks about how teleports used to cost money and at one time there was a Linden Alien who used to roam sl abducting people.   Anyway have a read if you enjoy that as well.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Daughter of Gears painting

I wanted to share a new work I just finished the other day.  It is inspired by my Second Life character called The Daughter of Gears whose story you can find here.

It is a painting made up of oil paint, pen and ink as well as encaustic (beeswax).  It is 24 inches by 30 inches and will be for sale in a bit after I have left it on my wall for a week or two.  If you are interested just let me know.

I have also included a fun little video somebody made which incorporates a bunch of historical artworks.