Friday, December 23, 2011

Marketplace me

 Still no word on the fate of Immersiva.  Some have been asking where to collect my artwork with my shop gone and so I have begun to put things on marketplace.  I guess that I should have done it ages ago but just never really thought about it.  You can find my shop here..

 Above is one called Cerulean and if you click it
there is the machinima inside.
Cerulean machinima
 Above here is 26 tines.  It was originally created for the University of Texas.  If you click the robot boy inside the jar it will take you to the machinima story of the two lonely robots who connect by a cable late at night when the scientists are gone home.
26 tines machinima
 Above and to the right are two scenes from a recent build called "Family Unit" which I made for MiC or Museo in Comtempori in Rome.

 To the left here is Gretchen and Teddy.  Two more characters who were part of the narrative for Immersiva.  By clicking her you will be taken to their machinima story.
Gretchen and Teddy machinima

 To the right here is the Rabbicorn.  Still have to put up the Daughter of Gears and others but it is a start.  By clicking her nose you will get a poem and a music box chime to go with it.  By typing "Rabbicorn" in local chat you will activate the base to open exposing a second poem. 

Anna's fox is also there.  Actually the one below is too.  It is called Run Rabbit Run.  They are both from a scene in a build called Anna's Many Murders which you can see here...
Anna's Many Murders machinima

I will continue putting things on marketplace as I get time.  If there is something in particular you wanted to get then just message me and I will make it a priority.  If it is something you need by Christmas then message me and I will find it for you.  But I am leaving to visit my parents tomorrow so you kind of have to message me now if you want it for Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Immersiva closed

Unfortunately some unforeseen circumstances arose whereby Immersiva has now been closed.  In fact it has ceased to exist as it doesn't even show up on the map.  Sorry if you came to the opening of Standby on Sunday but sadly that was the day it went offline.  Many of you have been asking what is going on and to be honest I really don't know too much. When I do and know what my future holds and where, I will post it here.

I was reminiscing about Immersiva and I was not sure if I posted this before, but the photo above was a project I did for Nuit Blanche a few years ago.  Immersiva was played on hundreds of video screens across the entire subway system in Toronto over one night for an art event.  It was quite surreal to see it up there with all the people bustling around.  Anyway, hopefully everything will work out but thought I should let people know who have been trying to get to Immersiva for Standby.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Standby opening on Immersiva

I will be filming Standby, the third and final chapter to the Rabbicorn story on Immersiva over the next little while and it will be open to anyone who missed it while it was at IBM.  I have also put out some of the sketches I did while I was brainstorming ideas, as well as a poem that didn't make it into the final narrative.  If you don't know the Daughter of Gears and Rabbicorn story up to Standby then really you need to watch them or it wont make much sense.   Unfortunately I had to remove both of those builds from in world as Standby is just under 15, 000 prims and needed the whole sim.  You can still see the machinima though.

Here is a link to the first part The Daughter of Gears

And the second part The Rabbicorn Story

Here is the SLURL to Immersiva

It will be open to the public at the latest this Sunday the 11th of December, but I may open it earlier if I get the bugs out before then.  Figured out an interesting new use for sky presets in the build too.   You will need to be using Firestorm viewer to experience them though.

Sunday, December 4, 2011 interview with Path artists

Tricia Aferdita from interviewed Colin Fizgig, Marcus Inkpen, Douglas Story & Rose Borchovski from our recent build "The Path".  Which is here.. if you have not seen it.

Some fun insight into what each was thinking when they created their part of the build.  And it also contains definitive proof that Douglas Story is an oddball.  Just kidding .. much more testing is needed.