Monday, December 12, 2011

Immersiva closed

Unfortunately some unforeseen circumstances arose whereby Immersiva has now been closed.  In fact it has ceased to exist as it doesn't even show up on the map.  Sorry if you came to the opening of Standby on Sunday but sadly that was the day it went offline.  Many of you have been asking what is going on and to be honest I really don't know too much. When I do and know what my future holds and where, I will post it here.

I was reminiscing about Immersiva and I was not sure if I posted this before, but the photo above was a project I did for Nuit Blanche a few years ago.  Immersiva was played on hundreds of video screens across the entire subway system in Toronto over one night for an art event.  It was quite surreal to see it up there with all the people bustling around.  Anyway, hopefully everything will work out but thought I should let people know who have been trying to get to Immersiva for Standby.
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