Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lobby Cam - opening March 29th, 2015

Lobby Cam has a hud.. so be sure to get it from the start and wear.

     Opening on Sunday is my new immersive artwork called "Lobby Cam".  This work, as with previous creations, might challenge some computers.  With Caer Balogh, we have tested the region for lag and it is fine for most mid range computers.  In the story is a giant wheat field that blows in the SL wind like waves in the ocean.  It has long been a dream of mine to build such a field and it is quite beautiful I think, but it has a lot of alpha which makes your computer have to calculate what it should be able to see on the other side of the alpha.  We have tested with alpha blending and alpha masking and in the end it is as efficient as a massive field of this sort can be.

A few things that can help.

The region has no water.. so you can turn water reflections down to "minimal" and water
transparency to off.  Just click ctrl and P together to bring up your preferences page.. then from there   (the graphics tab) take the check mark off of transparent water and advanced lighting model.

There is another thing you might  need to do, that is to ensure the windlight has changed for you.    Click "world" at top of your screen then pick "environment editor" then pick "environment settings" and from there click "Always use parcel/ region settings".  Even when you have this on it sometimes windlight doesn't change.  So a good way to encourage it to is by clicking "world" then "region details" which you can then close without changing anything.  All that does it remind it to check if the windlight has been changed.

I will cap the avatar limit on the sim to something fairly small so that lag is not an issue, but for those of you with older computers there is another option.  There is a service called SL Go which pre renders what you see then sends it to you.  I think that is how it works anyway.  This lets even computers, run by busy hamsters on wheels, see the build at ultra settings with no lag.  SL Go offeres a free 7 day trial and I cant think of a better time to use a free trial.  So that is an option too, but as I said most don't feel lag but this is an option if you do.

SL Go https://slgo.onlive.com/

I hope you will enjoy the artwork, see you on Sunday.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gehorsam / Obedience for the Jewish Museum in Berlin

Abraham and baby Isaac
I am currently working with Peter Greenaway, Saskia Boddeke, Jo Ellsmere and others on an elaborate project that will run simultaneously in our virtual world and at the physical space of the Jewish museum in Berlin.  The virtual element will allow visitors to the museum to have the ability to navigate  a modernized version I have created for the tale of Abraham and his son Isaac.   Jo and I are working feverishly on a LEA donated region for this event.  There is an opportunity for you (or your children) to be within the (rl) work as well.  Please read the release below for information.
     We are creating an immersive installation called Gehorsam /Obedience for the Jewish Museum in Berlin opening on the 21th of May. 
The subject is the Akeda, The Sacrifice of Isaac.
The intention is to create an exhibition to demonstrate and deconstruct the meanings of the Akeda - an event shared by three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
The main character in our story line is Isaac / Ishmael, the sacrifice.
The introduction of our installation will be a mosaic of hopefully hundreds of children and young adults proclaiming to camera that they are Isaac or Ishmael: 
The innocent child that has the right to be protected. Today we have started a campaign on social media to collect as many as possible I’m Isaac video clips.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYq5qBPIoeE

We are looking for young adults and teenagers to join in.
Are you an Isaac or an Ishmael?
Do you know an Isaac or an Ishmael?
Do you feel you are an Isaac or an Ishmael?
That you have the right to be protected!
That you deserve a future in a world without wars!
Please send us your video clip.

 We would like to assemble as many as possible different languages, use your own language: German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Arabic, etc

- A video in landscape format, use your mobile phone, I pad or any other device.
- Make sure that your face is not too dark.
- Make sure that it’s not too noisy around you.
- Look straight into camera for about 10 seconds, without speaking.
- Then you speak straight into camera:
  “I’m Isaac” or “I’m Ishmael”
   (in your own language).
- Wait another 10 seconds and give us your best smile.

Please send your clip to:
File too big?
(for free)
By sending in your video clip you give us the permission to use it for this art installation.

Thank you
Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway