Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bryn's music stream

     I was talking to a friend named Radicalrazor the other day about music streams and he told me about streams he offers and so .. yeah I got one.   I figured it would be nice to listen to music while I build on my sim and can also share my favorite music with people.  I like sharing.  I could be on fucking Seasame Street I like to share so fucking much!  Excessive unnecessary swearing is so funny .. I don't know why?  Maybe it is just me.  Anyway, so the stream is kind of mellow and generally the type of things I listen to while working.  It has a fairly wide range of musicians and I will keep adding to it over time.  There are no commercials or anything like that naturally ... I don't even have one of those sporadic station identification things.  Come to think of it one of those would be cool to have, so if you know how to make one message me.  If you are curious what I listen to and would like to put it in your land or parcel music stream then you would use this link..

Here is the land stream

If you want to listen outside sl then you can use these below.


 Windows media player

 Real player


Friday, June 2, 2017

Bronze casting of the Dancer complete

     The Bronze casting of the Dancer is now complete.  If you were able to visit my latest work called "Hand" you might have come across a figure in one room who danced in front of a wall of blue butterflies.  I have, in the past, created studies for my characters in wire, wood and something called Hyrdrocal but after speaking to my friend Toy, I decided to make the jump into Bronze.  It is a big jump because it is quite expensive to do and you kind of just have to hope someone will want to buy them after you have invested in having them made.  In the picture to the right you can see some of the stages I went through before finally arriving at the bronze casting.  The first shows the model I created in Zbrush, a 3D program.  The middle image is of the Dancer within the virtual space of Second Life.  The third image to the left in white is the 3D print.  From there is created the wax model which you can see below.  We used the lost wax process to create a mold to hold the molten bronze.  Essentially you create a cast around the model then melt it so that the wax runs out leaving a cavity to pour the bronze into.  Then 30 were created with each being 4 inches tall.

Below you can see some more images showing molten bronze being poured.  So yeah I am really excited.  If you are interested in purchasing one of the 30 bronze sculptures then please email me at giving your address for shipping as well as the edition number you wish to purchase.  There is a list showing which ones have already been sold and what is still available.  I have decided to first put the work up for sale to Second Life users who have supported me for the last ten years and then what is left over will go into a first life gallery or exhibitions to be sold.


The Dancer

Each is sold in US dollars with shipping extra. 

1st =  $400 (Sold)
Trezi Sensair
2nd= $375 (Sold)
Venus Adored
3rd= $350 (Sold)
4th= $325 (Sold)
5th= $300 (Sold)
Nickola Martynov

6-10 =  $275 (Sold)

6 BelAmi Runningbear
7 John01 Freng
8 Bine Rodenberger 
9 Nadia and Ericah
10 Amase Levasseur

11-15= $250 (Sold)

11 Kristine Schomaker
12 Mara Zaslove
13 Florence84
14 Elora Lunasea
15 Mireille Jenvieve
16-20= $225
16 Lovers Lane Studios
17 Anonymous
18 Art Blue
19 Anonymous
20 Lopopo
21-25= $200 (Sold)
21 Fitch Lekvoda
22 Sandrine Han
23 Mr/Mrs Johnson
24 Sandi Glas
25 Janet Shaffstall

26-29= $150 (Sold)
26 Rowan Derryth
27 Frederica Lexenstar 
28 Doc
29 doob

And here to the right is the finished bronze sculpture.  I am pleased with the sales and it encourages me to perhaps make some more of my characters into bronze sculptures such as the Rabbicorn, Mr Zippers, Anna, Flutter, The daughter of gears or others.  Something to think about anyway.  Perhaps once a year.

So yes anyway if you would like one of the remaining works please email me at and say which one you would like along with your shipping address and I will reply with the total cost after shipping.