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Nightshade vs image generative AI

Example of art theft Midjourney on right    I have had a problem with image-generating AI models, such as DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion for a while.   They are registered as research companies and as such are not required to pay artists for use of their work nor give credit or ask consent.   Yet they charge for use of their programs.  So this is my perspective from perhaps a different angle.   When I began in art school (OCAD) I was quite an awful artist.  But they saw potential in me.  One of the things an artist learns to do over a long period of time is to bring forth, from deep inside them, an emotion or message perhaps.   Something they know intimately and try to put on a 2d surface (in the case of painting) for others to see and hopefully pick up the emotion.  As an artist you have to learn techniques and methods to allow your emotions to be translated from inside you onto the canvas using things like paint or drawing etc.  So imagine you wanted to show a childhood tr

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