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White Veil by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost

 Open now is a new artwork called White Veil which I created with Cica Ghost.      Cica made some really adorable penguins and trees and I spent my time building a large tower and balls that squish you, cubes that attack and so on.   And many of you who are reading this post are saying... yes naturally you did Bryn.  And also, because I can't seem to resist,  I inserted a little narrative into the work.  And again you are saying.. .yes of course you did Bryn you little weirdo.   Well hear me out.  This was actually an interesting experiment artistically for me.  The overall theme of my portion of the artwork is the idea that Cica's poor penguins are being spied upon and manipulated from above by my additions.  So for example at the top of the tower is a man in a penguin costume being filmed relaying messages to the trusting penguins, while showing a backdrop of him far away from the cold of their land on a tropi

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