Bronze sculpture orders - Brittle

     I am preparing to begin production of this model (plus a round base) in Bronze.  This time the sculpture needs to be 12 inches tall so that the molten bronze can fit through the narrow areas in the horns and wings within the mould.  With the increased size it becomes more expensive to make so I have decided to only make the exact amount ordered.  The bronze will cost $1500 USD plus shipping.
and will likely take a few months to make.  I am going to give it a week for people to decide if they wish to order one.  The price is actually great but I also understand we all don't have that kind of money to spend right now.  I am expecting to only make a handful so they will be quite rare in the future should they be resold.  This figure is the centrepiece of the Brittle Epoch virtual narrative.  It is also what the Bryn Oh avatar in the virtual space looks like.  Many years ago when I had the idea to create a recognizable virtual artist who would be the anonymous face to deal with real life galleries and museums.. this is the design I chose.  So if you are interested email me letting me know  Order by March 4th or so

or message me through instagram, facebook, Patreon or second life.


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