Thursday, September 30, 2010

Part three - Standby

Below is the trailer for the final chapter of the Rabbicorn story which will open at IBM on November 1st.

It is bittersweet for me to finish the story of the Rabbicorn. I have been working on it for the last few years and really almost everything I do in Second Life is connected to it in some way. I will continue to elaborate on some of the secondary stories tied to it with the main one being where Mr Lightbulb and Zinger the rocket dog fit into the story. This will take me another year or so, but Standby will be the last to directly talk about the Rabbicorn and Daughter of Gears. Its been therapeutic for me as well as a pleasure to see how many of you love the Rabbicorn and Daughter the same as I do. I really hope you like the final chapter and I will do a post at the end of the month with more info on landmark etc.

Trindolyn Beck made this tribute to the Rabbicorn recently and I wanted to show it here.  Kind of reminds me of a character from that movie 9.  He also made one of my avatar once and it was weirdly cool.  It was like a human version of Bryn.  Trindolyn is a very talented artist and does commission portrait work if you ever wanted to see your avatar built like this.  He did a great job of ColeMarie Soleil too I recall.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Part two - The Rabbicorn

Just over a year ago I created the second part to the Rabbicorn story for IBM. The idea was to introduce the Rabbicorn and midway through the narrative show that she lives in the same world as my other creations, most importantly the Daughter of Gears. All the narratives on Immersiva are tied together. From Lady Carmagnolle, Angler Girl, Mr Lightbulb, Zinger the rocket dog to Willow. Condos in Heaven, Vessel's Dream and 26 tines. Some have been introduced while others like Mr Lightbulb and Zinger have a whole story yet to do. Each fits along a timeline. For example, the Daughter of Gears story happens 100 years before the Rabbicorn story.

The second part to the story goes like this. A scientist works within the government creating machines of war. Each day he tried to find new weapons and programs each for hunting and killing. When alone at home he begins to build a robot companion for himself. One which can love and think, something unique and unnecessary in the realm of war. He creates the Rabbicorn. Part Rabbit part unicorn. Something both living and extinct or perhaps a myth.

Once the Rabbicorn was completed and he saw what was created, he realized that if the Government ever discovered her she would be removed to be studied or taken apart. They would see her as property with an interesting ability to love. They would dispassionately study her like they would a bug under a microscope. So the Scientist takes a great gamble and gives her to a man who in passing mentions it is his sons birthday. The man gladly accepts and doesn't realize what the Rabbbicorn is, he sees her as a big toy robot. This is the first separation for the Rabbicorn, and her heart, which is the music box on her back, slows and ceases to turn.

She is brought to the mans home and placed in a wrapped giftbox. In the morning the boy finds her and the Rabbicorn imprints on the boy. They become great friends and the gentle Rabbicorn will do anything for him except fight, she understands the concept yet it is not in her programming.

For 90 years they were together, with the Rabbicorn never changing while the boy aged to an old man. One day Scientists arrive at their door hearing rumours of the fabled Rabbicorn. When they see her enter the room one tags her with a GPS gun. The old boy pushes them aside and tells his Rabbicorn to flee and never come back. The Rabbicorn does and easily escapes all the guards into a world she knows nothing about, and again her heart stops its turning as she leaves the only life she knew.

After a few days she comes to a large abandoned tower, and at the top she finds the Daughter of Gears shutdown and in standby for a hundred years. The Rabbicorn connects to the Daughter of Gears with a cable and joins her in the white of her dreams. Again her heart begins to turn as she finds a companion who doesn't age and who also has the capacity to love. An outcast like her who doesn't fit inside this world they are forced to live in.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Rabbicorn story part one - The Daughter of Gears

For the next few weeks I am going to recap the Rabbicorn story for those of you who are unfamiliar or unaware of it.  As I reflect on my time in Second Life I believe this to be my favorite work.
     The Daughter of Gears was a narrative I thought up after being asked to build something for Rezzable's Black Swan sim.  Black Swan was a wonderful sim filled with the creations of Light Waves / Starax who was a pioneering artist in Second Life.  Sadly much of his work is slowly fading from the Grid but there are some dedicated art collectors who possess pretty much everything he made.
    So when I was asked to build something for Black Swan in December of 2008, it was very flattering for me as I didn't think it was even possible to have something other than a Light Waves sculpture there.  I saw him as the greatest artist in Second Life and I was terrified of ruining his sim.  At that time myself and four Yip were being hyped like mad everywhere and there was a sense of pressure to constantly improve over every build. I sat down and spent a great deal of time watching the sim to determine what might fit.  Black Swan itself was full of traps and obstacles.  It felt like there could be a story there, but it had none.  Why are there traps here? who are they trying to keep out? there was no narrative so I devised one.
    Soon the narrative began to morph into a story about myself.  A loose diary hidden behind the veil of robots.  A reflection on melancholy and dreams, hopes and fears.  With Second Life being my own personal Standby.   Anyway, I know many of you have English as a second language, so its difficult enough without me having composed the whole story as a poem.  Right now I will just tell the story without all the poems.

There once was a young girl who was very sick.  She grew progressively worse as her mother helplessly watched.  The idea of losing her daughter drove her to a drastic experiment.  As her daughter lay dying she transferred her soul into a vessel to create a now living machine.  A machine with the scared mind of a young child.  What she had done could not remain a secret, and there were many who felt the Daughter was an abomination.  A slight against nature.  Fearing the worst, the mother creates a land of traps and obstacles to protect them, and brings her Daughter of Gears to the top of a tower.  A mob builds and in their perceived righteousness they come to the tower to take the Daughter.
     They eventually reach the top to find the mother waiting.  She will never let them take her Daughter and fights them with a great fury.  She defeats them all, but is wounded mortally in doing so.  As she lay dying she looks to her Daughter and realizes that she will now live alone in this tower.  A child robot who doesn't age, therefore living eternally in loneliness.   An outcast who can not fit in.  After her mother dies the Daughter goes into Standby mode much like a computer does.  In her Standby she relives all the memories of her mother and dreams new ones.  One hundred years go by as she stands rooted to the top of the tower.  Vines grow around her feet while the tower slowly deteriorates, but she hides within her standby and dreams.

They call her obscene
They call her a blight A mob slowly builds
In the dark of the night

My daughter of gears
Transistors and moss
She resembles to all
The one that I lost

They come to the tower

To take her from me
Our bond if from love
But that they can't see
My knees shake and tremble  
Awaiting the worst
But to get to my daughter

They must get by me first

Poem two

Eyes of cerulean mirrored by mine
To my daughter I hide my grieving

Behind me the vessel chimes
Knowing that she will soon be leaving

Shallow breaths quiet sighs

Tesla cracks nascent mother
The vessel slowly opens her eyes

Across the room my reborn daughter

Poem three

Fluttering Heart
Nervous start

I know not what to do

Skin like lace

A child's face
Eyes of cerulean blue

Your whisper of gears

Bring out my tears

From the shattering of a dream

The confused eyes

Of my love who died

Whom I bound to a machine

Poem four (from the daughter of gears)

When you pulled the cables away
And I looked deep in your eyes
That was my first day
But you did not realize
That you were imprinted on my heart

Zeroes and ones in digital blue

And when you finally did part

I would stay and think of you

You fought them like a spark

But on that day you did die

And when you went into the dark
I put myself on stand-by

So I could dream of how
Your love kept them from me  
But I am alone now
For eternity

Poem five (in stand-by)

Inside here
They won't find
The memories
Stored in my mind

Inside here
Just me and you

A love so pure
And always new

Inside here
A reality I've prepared
For you to hold my hand
When I am feeling scared

Final poem by the window in stand-by

Outside is a breeze
And a swaying of trees

The curtain blows
In and out my window
I remember the breaking of glass
From far in the past
The mob found what they sought

You squeezed my hand then you fought

Your last day

Now faded away
Just my memories and me
And the swaying of trees
If you wish to experience the Daughter of Gears story  I have placed it on my world expo sim Utopia one - no love .  Its pretty difficult and I would suggest you do it with a friend so that if you fall you can be tp'd back.  The idea was for the participant to slowly unravel the narrative by finding these poems as they climbed the tower, and once they reach the top to realize that they are one of the mob.  Next week I will talk about the second part - The Rabbicorn.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

World Expo - No Light

This was a bit fortunate.  I was approached by the great machinimatographer Bobe Schism over a month ago to build a set for the Chinese creation myth of Pan Gu for a Peter Greenaway project.  I wanted a large area to build this and so decided to delete the fifth island for the World Expo and build there.  I deleted the island and built the bones of a large sprawling dead dragon.  Shortly afterwords I sat down to think of what blog posts I had to do in the future and realized that one of them was the fifth island for the world expo which I had just removed.  Gah!  Sadly this isn't terribly uncommon for me but the next part was.  You see I had taken footage of the build months ago! yes I had planned ahead and then forgotten I had planned ahead.  So I have taken all those raw files and made this machinima for the island and hope you like it.

I am going to do a post about the upcoming project with Mr Greenaway, but its full of wonderful SL talent.  If you would like to see the sim created for this project then here is the SLURL

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pop Art Lab - Art Breaker

There is a really great event coming up this saturday which is called Art Breaker and was set up by Pop Art Lab.  PAL is perhaps the premier music venue in Second Life whose intent is not only to showcase both indie and established musicians but to also foster different connections within the community of Second Life.  Art Breaker is a means for music and visual art to combine in the same venue.  On the music side it has great musicians such as Skye Galaxy and Tasuku Ghost but also combines some bands I am unfamiliar with such as The Dead Heathers and Engrama who I am really looking forward to hearing.  The virtual art side is similar in that I know the work of Miso Susanowa and Misprint Thursday yet am looking forward to seeing some artists whose work I don't know  so well such as Abstract Baroque and Sunn Thunders.  Its the perfect event for me personally as I get to see and hear work from artists I know and love as well as getting to learn about new ones.  Below is the press realease created by the very hard working ClausUriza.  He has worked extremely hard on this project and if you have the means please help him promote with a twitter or blogpost or whatever.  He would really appreciate that I imagine.

Media contacts:
Claus Frisenberg Povlsen
Pop Art Lab
Phone 0045 2616 2550

Pop Art Lab - Virtual Art & Music Venue in Second Life

For immediate release

On Sept. 4th 2010, Pop Art Lab, a virtual music venue in Second Life, will open Art Breaker, a two month exhibition of interactive digital artwork by eight of the most famous and prolific Second Life artists. The opening event will mix speakers, artists introduction and live music, in a world class, not-to-be-missed event.
The event and exhibition is a partnership between the Nordic Virtual Worlds Network (NWVN), Treet.TV and Pop Art Lab.

Art Breaker: Two month exhibition of interactive digital art - An established music venue in Second Life, Pop Art Lab will host a major event starting on the 4th of September, 2010. This event, titled "Art Breaker", is a collaboration of eight major Second Life artists. They have been challenged to set up an exhibition made of visual and sound art, aimed at being interactive and reactive to the visitor. The artists are (Second Life names): Bryn Oh, Abstract Baroque, Sunn Thunders, Miso Susanowa, Misprint Thursday, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Binary Quandry, Sledge Roffo. This collaboration will take place over a full sim (virtual piece of land of 65000 sqm). The artists have been allotted a parcel each and been given free hands to their creativity. The result is a wide variety of ideas, atmospheres, and interactions.

Art Breaker: A celebration - To celebrate the beginning of this major exhibition, and also remembering that this date is the anniversary of its creation, Pop Art Lab will organize on the 4th of September, 2010 a worldwide event. Along with famous speakers, the artists will have the opportunity to speak of their creations and to interact with the audience. And not to forget music, a selection of the finest Second Life musicians - some of whom having a successful real life career as well - will play music live. As Second life is a worldwide environment, the event will span a 12 hour period to allow people in Europe, the Americas, and Asia to participate in their respective timezones. The event will also be partly recorded and broadcast by Treet TV, a Second Life specific television network.

Second Life introduction - Second Life is the most famous and successful virtual world, with its 1 million regular visitors and its total of 20 million sign-ups in its seven year existence.

Pop Art Lab introduction - Present in Second Life since Sept. 2008, Pop Art Lab is a virtual music venue, aiming at bringing real life music industry into Second Life thanks to three major actions:
1. Promoting music by broadcasting brand new music in-world. Four full CDs are constantly played inside the venue and are changed on a bi weekly basis. This allows visitors to listen to the latest releases, sometimes even before they are actually available in their countries and stay tuned to music industry news.
2. Supporting singers and musicians who want to break into Second Life by organizing concerts and TV shows. Pop Art Lab regularly hosts in-world concerts, inviting performers to play in front of a virtual audience. Pop Art Lab also hosts TV shows, where musicians are interviewed before playing their songs. This show is made in partnership with Treet TV and has included artists like Greg Hawkes (The Cars) and Max Morgan
3. Pioneering the collaboration between real world major music companies and Second Life activities.

Pop Art Lab also sets standards in virtual venues design, giving its visitors a unique experience. Taking advantage of Second Life technical abilities, the place has nothing in common with real life - being there is being in your fantasy land!

Speakers: Robin Teigland (NVWN), Doug Thomsen (Remedy), Ryan R. Rasmussen (Zucalo Group), Claus F. Povlsen (Pop Art Lab)
Live music: The Dead Heathers, Craig Lyons, Engrama, Tasuku Ghost, MommaLuv Skytower and more.

September 4th, 12pm - 12am PST

12:00 Meet & greet
12:15 Artists presents installations
01:00 Speakers: Binary Quandry (Art Breaker), Claus Uriza (PAL)
02:00 MommaLuv Skytower (US)
03:00 CraigLyons Writer (US)
04:00 DJ TBA
04:30 Live music: Engrama (Arg/Esp)
06:00 Live music: The Dead Heathers (UK/Aus/US)
07:00 ART BREAK! – Tours at Installations
08:00 Meet & greet
08:15 Artists presents installations
09:00 Speakers: Dusan Writer (Remedy), Austin Ellison (Zocalo Group/PAL), Robin Teigland (NVWN)
10:00 Live music: Tasuku Ghost (Jap)
11:30 Live music: Skye Galaxy (US)
12:30 End

Attendance: Second Life account or live at

Pop Art Lab -