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There is a really great event coming up this saturday which is called Art Breaker and was set up by Pop Art Lab.  PAL is perhaps the premier music venue in Second Life whose intent is not only to showcase both indie and established musicians but to also foster different connections within the community of Second Life.  Art Breaker is a means for music and visual art to combine in the same venue.  On the music side it has great musicians such as Skye Galaxy and Tasuku Ghost but also combines some bands I am unfamiliar with such as The Dead Heathers and Engrama who I am really looking forward to hearing.  The virtual art side is similar in that I know the work of Miso Susanowa and Misprint Thursday yet am looking forward to seeing some artists whose work I don't know  so well such as Abstract Baroque and Sunn Thunders.  Its the perfect event for me personally as I get to see and hear work from artists I know and love as well as getting to learn about new ones.  Below is the press realease created by the very hard working ClausUriza.  He has worked extremely hard on this project and if you have the means please help him promote with a twitter or blogpost or whatever.  He would really appreciate that I imagine.

Media contacts:
Claus Frisenberg Povlsen
Pop Art Lab
Phone 0045 2616 2550
email clausuriza@gmail.com

Pop Art Lab - Virtual Art & Music Venue in Second Life

For immediate release

On Sept. 4th 2010, Pop Art Lab, a virtual music venue in Second Life, will open Art Breaker, a two month exhibition of interactive digital artwork by eight of the most famous and prolific Second Life artists. The opening event will mix speakers, artists introduction and live music, in a world class, not-to-be-missed event.
The event and exhibition is a partnership between the Nordic Virtual Worlds Network (NWVN), Treet.TV and Pop Art Lab.

Art Breaker: Two month exhibition of interactive digital art - An established music venue in Second Life, Pop Art Lab will host a major event starting on the 4th of September, 2010. This event, titled "Art Breaker", is a collaboration of eight major Second Life artists. They have been challenged to set up an exhibition made of visual and sound art, aimed at being interactive and reactive to the visitor. The artists are (Second Life names): Bryn Oh, Abstract Baroque, Sunn Thunders, Miso Susanowa, Misprint Thursday, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Binary Quandry, Sledge Roffo. This collaboration will take place over a full sim (virtual piece of land of 65000 sqm). The artists have been allotted a parcel each and been given free hands to their creativity. The result is a wide variety of ideas, atmospheres, and interactions.

Art Breaker: A celebration - To celebrate the beginning of this major exhibition, and also remembering that this date is the anniversary of its creation, Pop Art Lab will organize on the 4th of September, 2010 a worldwide event. Along with famous speakers, the artists will have the opportunity to speak of their creations and to interact with the audience. And not to forget music, a selection of the finest Second Life musicians - some of whom having a successful real life career as well - will play music live. As Second life is a worldwide environment, the event will span a 12 hour period to allow people in Europe, the Americas, and Asia to participate in their respective timezones. The event will also be partly recorded and broadcast by Treet TV, a Second Life specific television network.

Second Life introduction - Second Life is the most famous and successful virtual world, with its 1 million regular visitors and its total of 20 million sign-ups in its seven year existence.

Pop Art Lab introduction - Present in Second Life since Sept. 2008, Pop Art Lab is a virtual music venue, aiming at bringing real life music industry into Second Life thanks to three major actions:
1. Promoting music by broadcasting brand new music in-world. Four full CDs are constantly played inside the venue and are changed on a bi weekly basis. This allows visitors to listen to the latest releases, sometimes even before they are actually available in their countries and stay tuned to music industry news.
2. Supporting singers and musicians who want to break into Second Life by organizing concerts and TV shows. Pop Art Lab regularly hosts in-world concerts, inviting performers to play in front of a virtual audience. Pop Art Lab also hosts TV shows, where musicians are interviewed before playing their songs. This show is made in partnership with Treet TV and has included artists like Greg Hawkes (The Cars) and Max Morgan http://treet.tv/shows/popvox.
3. Pioneering the collaboration between real world major music companies and Second Life activities.

Pop Art Lab also sets standards in virtual venues design, giving its visitors a unique experience. Taking advantage of Second Life technical abilities, the place has nothing in common with real life - being there is being in your fantasy land!

Speakers: Robin Teigland (NVWN), Doug Thomsen (Remedy), Ryan R. Rasmussen (Zucalo Group), Claus F. Povlsen (Pop Art Lab)
Live music: The Dead Heathers, Craig Lyons, Engrama, Tasuku Ghost, MommaLuv Skytower and more.

September 4th, 12pm - 12am PST

12:00 Meet & greet
12:15 Artists presents installations
01:00 Speakers: Binary Quandry (Art Breaker), Claus Uriza (PAL)
02:00 MommaLuv Skytower (US)
03:00 CraigLyons Writer (US)
04:00 DJ TBA
04:30 Live music: Engrama (Arg/Esp)
06:00 Live music: The Dead Heathers (UK/Aus/US)
07:00 ART BREAK! – Tours at Installations
08:00 Meet & greet
08:15 Artists presents installations
09:00 Speakers: Dusan Writer (Remedy), Austin Ellison (Zocalo Group/PAL), Robin Teigland (NVWN)
10:00 Live music: Tasuku Ghost (Jap)
11:30 Live music: Skye Galaxy (US)
12:30 End

Attendance: Second Life account or live at http://treet.tv/live

Pop Art Lab -http://www.popartlab.com/art-breaker-news/


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