Sunday, December 17, 2017

26 tines


     While I am writing a longer narrative which should take several months to finish, I have decided to create single scene narrative poems.  The first one a few months ago was called "Lady Carmagnolle" and today I am opening the second virtual poem called "26 tines".
Lady Carmagnolle will remain with 26 tines being built to the left over a bridge from the landing
point where you arrive.  Again this uses the same windlight and shadow settings as Lady Carmagnolle as will all the forthcoming poems.  Some have asked me what a "tine" is.   It is the prong or pokey thing at the end of a electrical plug that goes directly into the wall.  The poem came from my feelings of not being able to really say what truly felt to another person.  That the English language that I use is too coarse and gap filled to fully express my feelings to people I care about.  That sometimes when I look into anothers eyes and talk, that there is a barrier, a space between two minds and bodies that I try to cross using clumsy tools.  I sometimes wish I could climb into anothers mind and somehow talk directly to them,  past all the detritus of the world around us.
    In this poem I imagined being able to plug directly into someone else and bypassing all words so that you just knew the other.  You "knew" what they meant, and they knew precisely what you wanted to say.  No confusion or misunderstandings.

     The story is of a laboratory at night which sees a maintenance robot come out to gather up a tiny robot in a jar.  Robots to me symbolize the mildly flawed or different in our society.  The ignored or obsolete.  Each night she comes out and they connect to each other with a cable and remain this way until just before the scientists, who have created them, return.  In many of my stories such as this one, it is the machines, the outcasts or the overlooked who possess more humanity than those who have created them.   This is the poem and this is the slurl to go see 26 tines in the virtual space.

26 tines 

The laboratory is silent
the scientists gone
we have seven hours
before the dawn

Come to me through the half-light
to my jar by the rack
surrender your cord
to the adaptor on my back

then dance me through the shadows
held tight to your breast
swaying in silence
like waves through a nest

26 tines
at the end of your cable
connect you to me
so that we are able

to feel emotions drawn
through the cables caress
and forget 'till the dawn
our loneliness. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Star Wars in Sansar

I have been pretty behind in blogging.  I have to do a few post in the future about a show I did for Blue Orange as well as a new exhibit on Immersiva.  So I will do those posts but first I wanted to talk star wars since the new movie comes out on Thursday.  I received an email from Sansar about what seems to be their first public event at a place called Hollywood art museum.  I think they will have various shows related to classic hollywood cinema with this first one being Star Wars.  Now before I get into it, I really do have to say something.  And to be very honest I don't want to slag Sansar as I do hope they succeed, but gah.  So I clicked the email to go to the event and lets just say the event ran
from 7-9 and it is good I didn't need to be on time.  I literally played three different phone games waiting for the scene to load.  It took about 20 minutes.  That is a long time but it is not what killed me, I can survive a wait if it is worth it.   But the problem was that I arrived on a street which resembled a production studio, and I proceeded to walk up to a door to go inside..... it triggered another 20 minute wait to load a new room!  I literally yelled "noooooooooo" when I saw what happened.  I should have looked up to the sky all Hollywood grief style while I was yelling nooooooo but you know.. you think of these things after.  There should be some kind of sign saying "BTW if you walk through this door be
prepared to wait 20 minutes.  Do some laundry."   Anyway, as I said I don't want to get all negative about Sansar,  they are constantly improving and hopefully these things will be resolved over time just like many of SL's early annoying things were. 
     What I would say though is that I liked the exhibit.  It was professionally done and the original artwork was rare and unique. 

       The  3D models were wonderful and while it attempted to pretend to be real life, which I find fairly boring, it still was enjoyable.  Occulus Dash looks pretty cool btw.  I think that is an important step for  VR, but I digress.    If you do decide to visit while using a PC then when you get there press F4 to go into first person view.  I found it a lot easier to see the pictures than from behind the avatar.  There doesn't yet seem to be a really good way to zoom in and inspect things like you can in SL.   If you look below in that picture you will see that I threw Greedos bust on the floor.  I like the idea you can go into a museum and be a jerk.   Anyway, soon I will do a few posts catching up.