Sunday, December 30, 2012

Immersiva closed until mid January

On December 31st I will be deleting Gretchen and Teddy and turning Immersiva private for the next few weeks so that I can put the finishing touches on my new build called Imogen and the pigeons.  I am hoping to open the build right around the 15th or so but hopefully sooner.  The picture above is from one of the scenes in the new narrative, but really I just wanted to show a dress made by my talented friend Gwen.  
     I can't really say too much about this new build or I will spoil it I think.  All I can say is that there are layers to it with some things falling into place more the second time through.  Some parts are tricky and some a wee bit dangerous.  Other parts might require you to say things in chat while others are quite open ended.  I expect it to be quite chaotic.  I will sending out invites for a small media tour in the next week or so,  if I don't contact you but you would like to attend then send me a message.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prim reduction trick

A murder of Bryns
The Long Now Orrey
I was going through my shop today applying a little trick associated with my older prim works.  The "trick" is simply to select your prim work in edit, then go to "features" and from there you will find a drop down box called "Physics shape type".  It will be on "prim" by default so move it over to "convex hull".  This will reduce the size of your build by half.  So for example, I had once made an elaborate Orrey for the movie My Avatar and Me and it came out to around 1200 prims.  At that size in my shop it really is just for the collector of my work, but after dropping down to 600 prims it is.... well still too big and just for collectors... but less big.  Now in comparison I have been working in mesh lately and discovered a few ways to reduce the size of a work.  At the top is what I guess you would call a self portrait of my avatar.  I recreated her for my new build.  She is pretty close to my av as you can see, and guess how many prims or PE it costs?  A mere 11.
        The difference with mesh though is that if i were to scale it up to the size of the Orrey she might end up costing more.  You see unlike prims or sculpts mesh works will change their PE depending on their scale.  So a giant Bryn could be several hundred PE or prims while a tiny Bryn could be just 1.  Anyway, back to the prim trick.  So when you first switch the selected prim to convex hull it sometimes shoots up to some ridiculous size.  I did it for the Rabbicorn and suddenly the prim count went to something like 900 prims from 100 or so.  If you are on a sim with no prim space left it will return the sculpture to your inventory which can be annoying.  So make sure you have some space left for prims on the sim then switch it to convex hull and when it goes a bit mental switch it from convex to "none".  Now it wont like that at all.  It will say something along the lines of wtf are you doing?  Just ignore that or even shake your fist at the computer then move it back to convex hull and it should chop the prim size in half or there abouts.

     Lastly I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  I will be visiting my parents which means watching black and white movies, then I will be heading way up north to stay with a bunch of family in a cottage.  I can't decide if that sounds fun or terrifying.  Snowshoeing and cross country skiing yay! and well... being enclosed in a small space with family for three days...  gah!  Nah shouldn't be too bad, I have the fifth book for the Game of Thrones series so will sit by the fireplace with Baileys infused hot chocolate and read.  God that sounds boring but I am so looking forward to doing that.  And if you have not read the Game of Thrones do so!  It's so fun to read.. nobody is safe in those books.  You can think someone is an untouchable main character then poof they are suddenly killed.  Anyway, happy holidays.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Breaking machinima

Often when I would be creating work on Immersiva my friend ColeMarie Soleil would sit and practice composing songs and singing.  She is a very talented girl and it was a pleasure to listen to her as she sang and played though the simple microphone of her computer.  It was quite beautiful and inspiring.  On one such occasion Cole worked on creating a melody for a poem of mine called Rusted Gears.  One day she surprised me with this completed song and so now I have placed it within a machinima that was filmed for my portion of the Cube Project.  I was touched and am happy to say that Cole has now followed her dream of performing live in Paris and is doing quite well.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Immersiva news

 I have put down a little environment on Immersiva while I build Imogen and the pigeons  The main part is from Gretchen and Teddy and you can see the video for it by clicking Gretchen who stands on the stage.  I would also like to apologize to Fox for deleting Virginia Alone the day before she was to do a guided presentation of the build for Concordia University.  Whoops sorry.  Anyone who plans things like that please let me know in writing combined with an occasional reminder so that doesn't happen again.  Fox is a smart girl and will incorporate the notion of virtual art being so transient into her presentation so I am sure it will be fine, but gah who needs that stress.

I have just uploaded the new Firestorm viewer and the phototools look great.   It is now a pleasure to take photographs.  Hmm what other news do I have? ..  Oh Skye Galaxy messaged me yesterday and said that he will only be in SL to perform on occasion and wants to do a circuit of sims he loved from when he first came to sl.  So he will be doing a show on Immersiva in the next month.  I will announce the details in my in-world group with the unexpected name of Immersiva.    Hmm what else.  I have discovered a beautiful old recording done by ColeMarie Soleil where she made a poem of mine into a harmony.  I have just completed that machinima and will upload it soon.  She is an incredible talent.  My friend Travis who did the music for the Pandora video I made a few months ago, has taken on the task of doing the score for Standby.  Standby is the 40 minute movie which combines my trilogy of works starting with The Daughter of Gears, The Rabbicorn and then Standby into one film.  I will hopefully have that done in a month as well.  Think that is all the news for now which means I am back to writing Christmas cards so that they don't all arrive the week after Christmas like they did last year.  I absolutely hate writing Christmas cards.  Humbug.