Saturday, November 29, 2008

This might work......

AM Radio kindly put this on his geocities for people

Thanks to Heloise Merlin and K for the suggestions!

Ok so I have put the skies and a little note on divshare for people to download. I think you can just copy and paste them into your second life folder. This is what the note says...

put the sky here

C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\windlight\skies

yours might be slightly different than this but not much!

Reboot second life and it should now be in your drop down list for the

environment editor.

World->Environment Settings->Environment Editor->Advanced Sky tab_>drop

down menu pick either bryn oh's condos in heaven or condos in heaven #2

If this did or didn't work then someone please tell me. (Except Elina Radek .. your computer stinks... so sorry.. but its true. )

Friday, November 28, 2008

Give me custom skies! (or custard pie)

Now here is my problem. I have made a custom sky in environment editor as seen in this picture. And I want everyone who comes to my sim to have the ability to use this sky. Has anyone out there ever been able to achieve this? I have found my sky setting on my computer as an .xml file but I can't upload it as its not music or a jpeg. This should have been something Linden Labs had done ages ago it seems. I mean the vast majority of sims are very similar and letting people set the environment would create a multitude great sims.

On a side note.. I have sent an IM to Torley Linden about this and I am really curious as to whether he would even get my IM. That poor guy must get an obnoxious amount of IM's. I will keep posted the one person out there who is also interested in finding out if my IM gets lost.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Immersiva is born

Something incredible happened today!

At AM Radio's recent opening at the University of Kentucky a strange thing happened. The clouds parted and on a shining beam of sunlight a man slowly floated to the ground in front of me. This man was Dusan Writer. And though nobody else saw this and I only remembered it this way in hindsight, it was true nevertheless.


Well because he gave me a full sim.
15, 000 prims to play with. So two sculptures worth... (OK I stole that joke from Therese Carfagno)

He likes my work and wants to see me continue. I personally think he has mistaken me for someone else but I'll never tell. So first of all I had to find a name for the sim and decided on Immersiva. Immersiva is the art concept I am interested in and work towards. Next I made a group and he deeded the sim to me. And finally I had a freak out. And now I plan on finding some kind of food that is bad for me and I plan on eating the whole thing. I am leaning towards Mint chocolate chip ice cream. But this is fantastic news to me because I was working on an expanded version of my burning life build "Condo's In Heaven" at IBM6 for the university of kentucky and I was lagging out and hogging all the prims. I imagine everyone wanted to give me a good kick in the pants but wait a moment... no need! I am prim pig no longer! (at IBM6 anyway).
I might be able to put everything I have ever made down at once. Or I think I might put up my Edward Gorey build just because I miss it. I am also thinking of putting thousands of grasshoppers hopping about. Bettina Tizzy told me to just have fun and I think I will. But first I will eat some Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Anyway come visit me because the only down side is I will likely be a bit lonely there by myself, and I had already considered myself a sandbox hermit so lets not make me feral too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Umbrella sitters

At AM Radio's new build at the
University of Kentucky there was a
rather odd yet spontaneous occurrence. We all slowly began to sit
on an umbrella. Why is this news?
It's not. I merely can't think of
a blog post.

I will be the next one to show at the
University though. Thats kind of news. Won't be until mid january. Less news.

There were 15 people on the umbrella
by the end of it. Non news again. Sigh.

Right now you can see Wizard Glynoid
Spiral Walcher, Tezcatliopisanicanca Bisani. AM Radio and I believe Astra Thorne. Later we also had Hamlet Au, Dusan Writer, Al Supercharge, Cube Republic... hmmm.. Pascale Illyar.. Patricia Ann Devereux..

God my memory is terrible. And I think I am also spelling half the names wrong.

Ah there was also a Hittomi someone..

You know I really should have talked about what I planned on putting there. Oh well next time.

Pavig Lok! he was also an the umbrella.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Possible I am evil

I had an art show at LALA Lightfoot's gallery yesterday where I went through some of my sculptures and showed everyone all the little secret areas in them. When the talk ended we all kind of stood around looking at each other and someone suggested dancing. I for one hate dancing in SL so I voiced an idea. An evil little idea.
"Why don't we all go over to Caerleon Island and climb my Tower?"
So we went over to the island and while I did apologise beforehand I still sent them up it. I watched all the poor little things go in the front door and then positioned my camera inside the tower looking down. They climbed and fell and climbed and fell and I laughed and laughed and occasionally shouted encouragements. I heard some fantastically creative swears that day. In my glee I didn't notice Whispering Hush quit the tower in disgust and come up to me. I suggested she join me in watching everyone try and climb it with her cam. She did and immediately said "ooh your evil".

Soooo that's the question then isn't it? Am I evil? Evil is such a strong word. I mean like Satan is an evil little pantload poking everyone in the arse with his pitchfork for eternity. I am hardly that bad.

Madcow Cosmos looks fairly evil in this photo by Jurin Juran.
And while you should never judge a book by its cover you should
always judge a person by their avatar. Is Madcow evil? he has
always been very nice to me when I have spoken to him but then
again the Devil would be wouldn't he? Just look at that freaking giant
hammer! and those beady little eyes always looking here and there.

So in conclusion I would have to agree with you, the reader, that
Madcow Cosmos is indeed evil.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh just a little spot I will keep track of who finds my store..

The Shop Adventurers!

Lyndzay Meili
Therese Carfagno
Corwin Carillon
Derwin Wycliffe
Tippy Wingtips
Lis Gealach
Whispering Hush
Kelly Mizser
Crystalviolet Wisent

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Drive Thru Church

Holy Water... Regular or Blessed* *has not been blessed
Who has time for a Baptism?
Absolution not included
God understands how busy you can get, after all he did create the Earth in just seven days!

Friday, November 7, 2008

To fly or not to fly. I built the Tower with the intention of it being shown in an environment without fly turned on. The visitor would enter at the bottom and see the mob. They would move forward and find the poem in the pram and discover there was a story in this build. As they climb the tower they find more poems to further flush out the story until eventually they reach the top and see how the story ends for this installment. Well except for the stand by which tells another portion of her memories. I came to Black Swan to see how it was going and discovered fly was back on and people were flying directly to the top of the tower. Goodbye story.. goodbye challenge goodbye Immersiva. How can one become immersed if they are able to hover around apart from the build? an observer. I can understand RAR perhaps being concerned that people would find it frustrating. But then again.. how can sims succeed? What is the strategy to bring people back? I mean that is the basic business problem in SL. Have a initial draw of people and then watch the tumbleweeds bounce by. It seems to me that something that challenges for an extended period of time is what you want. Be that with hidden aspects.. stories or just the donkey kong factor. Making something easy for people only satisfies the extremely busy and the lazy. While it is unfortunate for the busy people (who could use the ctrl alt....thingy) I really don't care about the lazy ones. If you want to create something memorable then don't try and make it appeal to everyone as that will just water it down to spam. I am going to go yell at RAR again.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Good old photoshop...
or is it? ... looks a bit like....
.... no it can't be.... or can it?
I'm so confused.... or am I? ..
stop that Bryn!