Friday, November 28, 2008

Give me custom skies! (or custard pie)

Now here is my problem. I have made a custom sky in environment editor as seen in this picture. And I want everyone who comes to my sim to have the ability to use this sky. Has anyone out there ever been able to achieve this? I have found my sky setting on my computer as an .xml file but I can't upload it as its not music or a jpeg. This should have been something Linden Labs had done ages ago it seems. I mean the vast majority of sims are very similar and letting people set the environment would create a multitude great sims.

On a side note.. I have sent an IM to Torley Linden about this and I am really curious as to whether he would even get my IM. That poor guy must get an obnoxious amount of IM's. I will keep posted the one person out there who is also interested in finding out if my IM gets lost.
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