Give me custom skies! (or custard pie)

Now here is my problem. I have made a custom sky in environment editor as seen in this picture. And I want everyone who comes to my sim to have the ability to use this sky. Has anyone out there ever been able to achieve this? I have found my sky setting on my computer as an .xml file but I can't upload it as its not music or a jpeg. This should have been something Linden Labs had done ages ago it seems. I mean the vast majority of sims are very similar and letting people set the environment would create a multitude great sims.

On a side note.. I have sent an IM to Torley Linden about this and I am really curious as to whether he would even get my IM. That poor guy must get an obnoxious amount of IM's. I will keep posted the one person out there who is also interested in finding out if my IM gets lost.


Anonymous said…
I don't think there is a way, at least not if you are using the official viewer (I do seem to remember reading somewhere that this might be included as a functionality into the RestrainedLife viewer, but I might be wrong there).
I guess you could either have a script hand out a notecard detailing the settings, or upload them to Rapidshare or a similar service and provide a link to the file.
qpop said…
Bryn, even if you did manage to get the setting sto all the visitors - the differences bewteen machines means very few will see exactly what you see.... some cards will just not handle some settings, etc

The only way I've seen it done is by giving visitors a notecard with the setting values in it and gettingthem to set them manually (all the environmental stuff being client side and dependent on the preferences).
The only way to do it is to give them the XML code to cut and paste into their preferences file in their SL folder - messy and fraught with issues - it will also require them to restart to get the settings - they will also need to save their previous .xml file so they can reset after they are done with your space - again having to cut and paste data and restart sl client.)
Bryn Oh said…
Thanks Heloise and K. Last night I was able to get a friend to see it by opening the xml file with notepad and then copying it to a notecard in sl then having them paste it again into their sky folder. It worked but I can't expect anyone to go to all that trouble. I like the idea of Rapidshare Heloise, have not used that before but that would make it easier. Also saw on Torleys website an installer for a bunch of skies he made.
Linden Lab announced the *intent* to allow sim owners to set the sky environment so that people will see it when they arrive in addition to being able to trade settings like calling cards.

Rather than IM Torley, go to his blog ( and search for windlight. Find one of his old posts on the subject and post a reply to that.

He can be a bit slow in responding - he's a busy guy - but he /will/ respond. Just be sure to set your comment to notify you in email. :-D

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