The Umbrella sitters

At AM Radio's new build at the
University of Kentucky there was a
rather odd yet spontaneous occurrence. We all slowly began to sit
on an umbrella. Why is this news?
It's not. I merely can't think of
a blog post.

I will be the next one to show at the
University though. Thats kind of news. Won't be until mid january. Less news.

There were 15 people on the umbrella
by the end of it. Non news again. Sigh.

Right now you can see Wizard Glynoid
Spiral Walcher, Tezcatliopisanicanca Bisani. AM Radio and I believe Astra Thorne. Later we also had Hamlet Au, Dusan Writer, Al Supercharge, Cube Republic... hmmm.. Pascale Illyar.. Patricia Ann Devereux..

God my memory is terrible. And I think I am also spelling half the names wrong.

Ah there was also a Hittomi someone..

You know I really should have talked about what I planned on putting there. Oh well next time.

Pavig Lok! he was also an the umbrella.


Anonymous said…
Hitomi Mokusei … and Tezcatlipoca …

Bryn Oh said…
Thanks Therese! though I have to admit that I intentionally spelled Tezcatlipoca's name far more wrong than it needed to be.
Wizzy Gynoid said…
your pictures are better than mine! :p

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