Saturday, November 22, 2008

Immersiva is born

Something incredible happened today!

At AM Radio's recent opening at the University of Kentucky a strange thing happened. The clouds parted and on a shining beam of sunlight a man slowly floated to the ground in front of me. This man was Dusan Writer. And though nobody else saw this and I only remembered it this way in hindsight, it was true nevertheless.


Well because he gave me a full sim.
15, 000 prims to play with. So two sculptures worth... (OK I stole that joke from Therese Carfagno)

He likes my work and wants to see me continue. I personally think he has mistaken me for someone else but I'll never tell. So first of all I had to find a name for the sim and decided on Immersiva. Immersiva is the art concept I am interested in and work towards. Next I made a group and he deeded the sim to me. And finally I had a freak out. And now I plan on finding some kind of food that is bad for me and I plan on eating the whole thing. I am leaning towards Mint chocolate chip ice cream. But this is fantastic news to me because I was working on an expanded version of my burning life build "Condo's In Heaven" at IBM6 for the university of kentucky and I was lagging out and hogging all the prims. I imagine everyone wanted to give me a good kick in the pants but wait a moment... no need! I am prim pig no longer! (at IBM6 anyway).
I might be able to put everything I have ever made down at once. Or I think I might put up my Edward Gorey build just because I miss it. I am also thinking of putting thousands of grasshoppers hopping about. Bettina Tizzy told me to just have fun and I think I will. But first I will eat some Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Anyway come visit me because the only down side is I will likely be a bit lonely there by myself, and I had already considered myself a sandbox hermit so lets not make me feral too.
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