Bryn Oh .. Steam games and Anna's Many Murders


      I have been very lax in posting on my blog, so much so that I realize I have not mentioned a handful of things I have been up to.   So over a year ago I received a Canada Council for the Arts grant to build one of my artworks called Lobby Cam in Unreal Engine for the game sharing platform Steam.  It was very exciting and scary because while, in my proposal I said I would build it in Unreal Engine, I didn't actually mention that I didn't know how to use Unreal Engine.. yet.   So I had a year to learn Unreal and build Lobby Cam as a "game" for lack of a better word.  It is not really a game but whatever.   So below you can get Lobby Cam free.   Next bit of news is that I then received an Ontario Arts Council grant to build The Brittle Epoch in Unreal Engine for Steam as well.   I am happy to say that I have just finished that and it is currently in "coming soon".   If you would like to play it then simply go to steam and put it in your wishlist for when it comes out.  And leaving a review would be great too as it helps with the algorithms to get it noticed.   Anyway so that is the news for Steam stuff.   

    I have also released a Second Life build called Anna's Many Murders and here is the SLURL should you like to explore that one.

 I will attempt to post more to my blog as it is a place where you can actually put down more in depth thoughts as opposed to tweets or .. umm.. X's?  It is hard though as there are just too many things to post to.  From Facebook to Instagram to whatever.   I think of them as hungry little mouths that you have to keep feeding which takes away from the creating part.   I actually get ennui when I am faced with a day where I decide to post to them all to keep up.  Things have been really busy and I hope you will like some of these new things.



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