Bryn's music stream

     I was talking to a friend named Radicalrazor the other day about music streams and he told me about streams he offers and so .. yeah I got one.   I figured it would be nice to listen to music while I build on my sim and can also share my favorite music with people.  I like sharing.  I could be on fucking Seasame Street I like to share so fucking much!  Excessive unnecessary swearing is so funny .. I don't know why?  Maybe it is just me.  Anyway, so the stream is kind of mellow and generally the type of things I listen to while working.  It has a fairly wide range of musicians and I will keep adding to it over time.  There are no commercials or anything like that naturally ... I don't even have one of those sporadic station identification things.  Come to think of it one of those would be cool to have, so if you know how to make one message me.  If you are curious what I listen to and would like to put it in your land or parcel music stream then you would use this link..

Here is the land stream

If you want to listen outside sl then you can use these below.


 Windows media player

 Real player



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