#6 Nonnatus Korhonnen

#11 Madcow Cosmos - unfinished build
#10 Spiral Walcher - Tunnel of Light
#9 Ub Yifu's avatar - Don Quixote
#8 Jojorunoo Runo - Pervy room
#7 Madpea - Swamp Hotel
#6 Nonnatus Korhonnen- Needlebirds

(Needlebirds may not be what nonn named them)

Nonnatus is an Australian artist so it's not really surprising that his Needlebirds are a bit snarky and dangerous. I mean isn't every creature in Australia able to eat you or poison you in some way? If sharks evolve a set of legs so they can run up on the beach and bite people it will happen in Australia first. Ok maybe I watch too much or not enough nature shows.
There are many things that I really like about Nonn's Needlebirds, to begin with they are beautifully textured. He has taken a fairly simple design and through the use of his texture made a creature that to me surpasses many of the more complex designs out there. Its simple and beautiful. I enjoy just looking at them.
But to just look at them would be a mistake as they also have the best personality of any creature I have yet seen in second life. They are a bit shy but curious. When you arrive they all come forward like excited dogs to greet you. They are a seemingly sweet little creature yet when you turn your back and walk away the little buggers jump forward and poke you. And if there are enough of them around then there is always one taking an opportunity to give you a little poke. It reminds me of the nature shows where a pack of hyenas or wolves have surrounded a large prey. Little nips here and there but moving out of range when confronted.
When viewing the video please imagine them in a tropical environment or perhaps amongst sandy dunes. I originally saw them at the NPIRL/Rezzable collaborative show Garden of Earthly delights based on the Bosch triptych. There they walked a surreal landscape and were perhaps my favorite interpretation of the theme. I have seen some of Nonn's new behavioural creations and they are fantastic. One that goes through an entire life cycle will be part of an Immersive build that I am currently creating. He is a special talent and if you would like to see the Needlebirds then give Nonn a shout and he can tell you how to get there. Its on the Caerleon collaborative island but i can't really explain how to get there. Ok I will try. Fly over my long build.. over the mountain tops and you will see a set of maze like walkways on the ground. On the walkway is a canister with one of the Needlebirds in it, that is the tp point.


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