#4 The Far Away

#11 Madcow Cosmos - Unfinished build
#10 Spiral Walcher - "Tunnel of Light"
#9 Ub Yifu's Avatar - Don Quixote
#8 Jojorunoo Runo - Pervy Room
#7 Madpea - Swamp Hotel
#6 Nonnatus Korhonnen - Needlebirds
#5 Light Waves - "Night Dreaming"
#4 AM Radio - "The Far Away"

AM Radio is a master at creating mood within his builds. He generally works around creating a sense of calm through the use of horizontal lines. He then adds elements to slightly warp it. He has a touch of De Chirico's surrealism mixed with the warm colour palette of a Caravaggio. Quite possibly he is also influenced by Jacques-Louis David as he has recreated "The Death of Marat" in a build. Who else? possibly Jean-Francois Millet. You would have to ask him I guess. So the build I chose of his is called "The Far Away". He has done more advanced work since this build but there is one element within it that kind of pushes it past others for me. That is the time of day he has achieved. The background gives the impression of a storm approaching. Its a bit dark and grey but the wheat in the field has a wonderful yellow glow on its tips. This glow contrasts nicely and reminds me of a patch of sunlight getting through moments before the storm clouds close the gap. Its a very particular and fairly rare moment. And I like that he specifically wanted to portray it.
Beyond this is a really finely crafted train, a surreal cabinet with a table and violin and other elements which twist the reality for the viewer. Many of these elements are interactive. Touching something may trigger an animation or rez things such as the chairs in the machinima.
Its a unique sim in that quite a few people come there to just stand around. They like to see their avatar in this environment. This kind of thing doesn't happen very often in the multitude of shopping malls strewn across SL. I am also going to guess that the wheat field design of using hollow cones overlapping is a design which AM pioneered. The final thing which makes this sim one of my favorites is that he is often there. And when he is his avatar adds to the atmosphere. Especially if he has his Millet sticks on his back (L'Hiver, Les bucheronnes). Probably my favorite mood sim on the entire grid.


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