The Daughter of Gears

Daughter of Gears machinima

A few months ago I was approached by RightasRain Rimbauld to build something for Black Swan sim. Black Swan is a sim which is populated by most of the legendary builds of the artist Light Waves. It drops you at the beginning of a path that progresses through a series of traps. So when I tried to think of something for this sim I wanted to use what was already there to try and create a story. I wanted to create a narrative that would fit with the theme and maybe create a reason for the traps.
The result was a build called The Daughter of Gears. It is a story about a mother who watches as her daughter becomes sick. And as her life begins to fail she transfers her daughters soul into a vessel. A machine. When the townspeople find out what she has done they come to take the daughter. They see her as an abomination against all their beliefs and to all they hold true. But to take her daughter they must first get by her.
The mob climbs the tower and reaches the top. The mother fights them and wins. But is mortally wounded. And as she lay dying she realizes that her daughter will now live forever alone and lonely. A girl in the body of a machine in a hostile world. So the daughter of gears goes into stand-by mode like a computer. And in stand-by she dreams of her mother for eternity.
The story is made up of four poems. Each poem is found at different parts of the tower and slowly tells the story as you climb.

They call her obscene
They call her a blight
A mob slowly builds
In the dark of the night

My daughter of gears
Transistors and moss
She resembles to all
The one that I lost

They come to the tower

To take her from me
Our bond if from love
But that they can't see

My knees shake and tremble
Awaiting the worst
But to get to my daughter

They must get by me first

Poem two

Eyes of cerulean mirrored by mine
To my daughter I hide my grieving
Behind me the vessel chimes
Knowing that she will soon be leaving

Shallow breaths quiet sighs

Tesla cracks nascent mother
The vessel slowly opens her eyes

Across the room my reborn daughter

Poem three

Fluttering Heart
Nervous start

I know not what to do

Skin like lace

A childs face
Eyes of cerulean blue

Your whisper of gears

Bring out my tears

From the shattering of a dream

The confused eyes

Of my love who died

Whom I bound to a machine

Poem four (from the daughter of gears)

When you pulled the cables away
And I looked deep in your eyes
That was my first day
But you did not realize
That you were imprinted on my heart

Zeroes and ones in digital blue

And when you finally did part

I would stay and think of you

You fought them like a spark

But on that day you did die

And when you went into the dark
I put myself on stand-by

So I could dream of how
Your love kept them from me
But I am alone now
For eternity

Poem five (in stand-by)

Inside here
They won't find
The memories
Stored in my mind

Inside here
Just me and you

A love so pure
And always new

Inside here
A reality I've prepared
For you to hold my hand
When I am feeling scared

Final poem by the window in stand-by

Outside is a breeze
And a swaying of trees

The curtain blows
In and out my window

I remember the breaking of glass
From far in the past
The mob found what they sought

You squeezed my hand then you fought

Your last day

Now faded away
Just my memories and me
And the swaying of trees

And here is the machinima I have just finished to tell its story.

The build can be found at Immersiva or at Black Swan


Anonymous said…
The machinima is stunning Bryn - really fabulous! And thank you for assembling the story in one place.

/me awaits #6 eagerly....
Bryn Oh said…
Thanks Val!
Was never sure if the story came across well
Anonymous said…
This is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen portrayed through Second Life. SO well done.

-Gia Reymont
Bryn Oh said…
Thanks Gia for the nice words
yabush said…
Hi Bryn,

One of my Japanese friends wrote about your SIM.
Please go to his blog below:

He is an architect and owns two SIMs called Kaze
(wind) and Sola (sky) with his boss.
Bryn Oh said…
Ahh thanks Yabush and thank your friend for me please. My Japanese is well... nonexistent but I think he liked it!

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