Future of mass media in Amsterdam

 Below is an event which Chantal Harvey has put together.   It looks great! 

This weekend the NIMk organises a real life event about the future of mass media, in Amsterdam .
For this, I was asked to produce a one hour television compilation of mayor art machinima. Not an easy task, as there are so many. The tape will be broadcasted on TV, and it was suggested that I will be organising this as a monthly event. Exciting as this is my main goal: to bring machinima to the world so it can be recognised for what it is: the future of mass media.
Some of the artists names:
Cisko Vandeverre, ColeMarie Soleil, Tom Jantol, Lainy Voom, Osprey Therian, Fau Ferdinand, Arthole, Second Front, Philip Rice, Richard Grove, Bryn Oh, and the MMIF compilation as showed in SLCC 2009, and some of my own work.
The best of ART Machinima, compiled by Peter Krapp (us) and Chantal Harvey (NL)
Lets talk machinima! The word MACHINIMA is a combination of 2 words: cinema and machine.
Basically, it is making movies in virtual platforms like Second Life, World of Warcraft, Moviestorm, Sims, Halflife, Google Earth. 3 D-filmmaking techniques are applied within computer generated games. Machinima works have already been recognized at Cannes and other big international festivals.

This is the link to the full announcement (updated):

The Netherlands Media Art Institute

Other links:


Media Playgrounds Friday:
De Hoeksteen Live!
Saturday: http://www.mediamatic.net/page/129309/en
Masters of Media , Universiteit van Amsterdam


(we are the third event on the bar (white logo) after DISH.


Livestream of the event on Saturday: 
Best regards,
Chantal Harvey


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that's great news....congrats to all...

/end happy moment
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