Bryn's favorite builds #2-1 2008

And here are my favorite two builds from last year top 10 thingy.  If you would like to know why I chose them then click the links below.  And please ignore that one link says Madcow Cosmos, I can't seem to get rid of that.

And next week I will begin showing the first of two Elevensies videos of five things that just slipped out of my top 10.  Some of them I still wonder if they should have knocked out a few of the top 10's.  I am only going to write a paragraph about each choice and leave the more elaborate write ups to the top 10's who will start early in January.


lol, I tried to click on one of the builds in the video because I saw a hand cursor.
rsgoldfeng said…
Elevensies RS Moneyvideos of five things that just Guild wars 2 Goldslipped out of my top 10

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