Elevensies part two

So when looking at all the builds coming up remember that they all originated with the basic prims below.

Linden Labs gives us the ground we walk on and these basic shapes.  From here we create.  That is, in a way, what I love most about building here.  The challenge in using these simple shapes to create whatever we can dream up.

     Tricia Farella:  Tricia's build gave me the impression of being inside a snow globe.  There were a few things which I found to be very successful in her build.  One was the sculpted water whose varying elevations gave the impression of roiling seas.  The other was her splitting up of the vessel into two parts where each side moved with something like a rocking chair script.  Doing it this way made it really feel like the seas were twisting the boat about. Playing with different sky settings changed the feel of the build as well.  I filmed it in a foggy setting which also worked nicely. 

     Testors Luik:  Testors kitten is insufferably cute but also a fantastic build.  When you first take it out you name it and it then it imprints on you.  With an elaborate hud you can let her run wild or stay by you or do a variety of other things.  If she runs wild she will occasionally come back to check you are still there and perhaps encourage you to come play.  You can feed her, bathe her throw balls for her to play with etc (if there are a few around they will all chase the ball or eat the food).  She can sit on your shoulder and will come with you if you teleport to another region, and if the perms are right you can let her down again at the new location.  So great scripting.  Next is the animations.  There are quite a few and each is very well made.  It does not use the same animation over and over and in some cases i have found her asleep off to the side after i have left her running about.  I am sure there are quite a few things she does that I have not even discovered yet. Now I just need one that is grey and checkered for Immersiva.


Cole Marie said…
<3's Bryn
Maya Paris said…
Fantastic choice of music Bryn, put a big grin on my face!
Semaj said…
just signed up for lighhouse keeper lessons, been singing that damn song in me head for days, merry Saturnalia to the godess
Phillip Vought said…
Ahh.. Siamese, the nicest of the cats IMHO..

Happy New Year to you all
Unknown said…
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