Sunday, December 13, 2009

Elevensies part one


     I would like to thank all of you who went to the Art 21 blog  to comment on the article for second life art.
We managed to bring the server down and set a record for most comments on an article.  The purpose was to let them know there is a great deal of interest in Second Life art and I think we did that because they have now asked Nettrice Gaskins to do monthly features on Second Life art.  See, we can make a difference if we put our mind to it.

     Here is the first of two machinima capturing some of my favorite builds from 2009 that didn't make the top ten, but which I still wanted to show.  It was really hard for me to pick the top ones this year and some of these elevensies were bouncing back and forth inside the top ten.  Again I should mention that this list is just my personal favorites from the last year and I am quite aware that there are tons of fantastic builds out there that I don't even know exist.  I am a bit of a hermit in second life and every once in a while I venture out and discover something wonderful that may only be wonderful to myself.  So what I am saying is don't send me a message saying "hey! how could you place this over that!?!?" or "Why isn't this on the list? are you insane!".  If you do then I am going to hire some kind of scripter assassin to hurt your avatar.  I will write a short little blurb on why I liked each of these first three Elevesies and save the longer write ups for the top 10.

Marcus Inkpen:  Marcus in RL is a B movie actor in those really bloody hack and slash movies.  He is often the first person killed and generally goes in a disgusting manner.  He is also a exceptional illustrator and has done work for Heavy Metal magazine.  I don't know Marcus well other than he is a great guy and seeing his work at Burning Life was pretty much my first contact with his work.  What I really liked was his fine texturing.  He doesn't just throw on a texture but really creates something that fits the surface.  Also his work gave me the impression that something was happening, something to discover.

Igor Ballyhoo:  Igor is another new artist to me.  I saw this work at a show being set up by Aurakyoo Insoo and was mesmerized.  Igor tells me that this work was set to Contrapunctus a reworking of a lost Bach song.  For me this one somehow summed up the way I subconsciously see virtual worlds.  Like seeing all the code inside the petal of a flower.

Elizabeth Tinsley:  I don't know Elizabeth at all and I stumbled across her build at NMC.  I was in a fairly miserable mood that day as there was a hater stalking and annoying me while I was there.  I managed to escape the hater and hid in this build.  I was really surprised and enchanted by all the laughing that was triggered as you walked through it.  It instantly put me in a good mood and it made me realize that its pure simplicity was its strength.  Its just a grove of flowers full of laughter, and I loved it.

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