The safe room

 Along the hall of characters is one door where it is written "Safe room" where the inmates are encouraged to go to spend time alone in whatever manner they choose.  There is a gramophone which plays a melancholy violin piece and a bed for the inmate to lay on.  The bed also contains an intimate pose.  When  you leave this room and walk down the hall you will find a door marked "private".  Going inside you will find a room fashioned behind
a one-way window.  There is a comfortable chair, a cigarette and a camera filming all within the safe room.  As I said in the first poem, the therapist feels that he can see much clearer from the darkened side of a one way mirror.

Often those exploring the story will come to this room only to realize that they were being silently observed by other visitors while they reclined on the bed.  There is a sense of violation.

 Opening the door to a storage room discovers a mirror, sink and waste basket.  Inside the basket is a poem which can be clicked for the machinima below.  There is a button that lets you change the resolution of the video below.. it is that gear icon.  It is set to 360p which is kind of grainy.. if you set it to 720 that will make it HD.


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