Imogen - wall walking

 For many the story ends in this room, but for those familiar with my work they will naturally click on things here and there, and in doing so will discover a feather on the ground which allows them to walk up walls and along ceilings.  Just outside jumping distance is a vent, by walking along the right hand side of the vent wall you will be brought out onto a spiral which takes you to the next scene within Imogens story.

This part of the story signifies that Imogen has broken through her static recorded life held within the computer.  She no longer is governed by the rules of her prison but like a waking dream she begins to mix her past reality into a new form.
 The first sign of this is in the very next room where she has incorporated her pen and ink drawing from the book on her bed into a new emerging reality.  From a certain vantage point her drawing lines up to compose the familiar picture but as you draw closer it begins to lose its cohesion and form.  Almost like a dream state where she mixes parts of her everyday life into this dream where it gets subtly warped.

        Imogen's mind
        split from its seams
        and wove in her books
        to merge with her dreams
        She sought out her pigeons
        pushing memories aside
        of the life that breathed through her
        its cord coming untied
 A cable for the monitor
        and cord for a life
        each severed her mind
        like a surgical knife.

The first hint of what happened to Imogen to bring her to the asylum occurs within this poem above.  She tries to focus on her pigeons in order to forget the child she lost.  The event which unhinged her.

She comes to a room full of old dusty fabric and from there she sews the first part to her pigeon disguise.  And from there she moves on to seek out the parts she will need to join her pigeons.

      Imogen arrived
        upon a scene
        of mannequins
        and sewing machine
        the lights revealed
        fabric pigeon grey
        dusty and torn
        its edges frayed
        and from there she sewed
        her pigeon dress
        that enveloped her body
        in a gentle caress.


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