Imogen and the pigeons - the rapist

 The second stage to Imogen and the pigeons begins with the guest arriving into Imogens recorded memories.  The original idea was to have a password type protection for her memory software and this took the form of a digital secretary.  A sign said
"The secretary looked up
her eyes rezzed so blue
"Do you have an appointment?"
To which you replied "yes _ __"
And the guest would have to reply in local chat "I do".  Unfortunately when I did a few rounds of testing only around 10% would actually type "I do" in local chat.  So that part was a wee bit too hard, and considering it was the very first room...not good .  It was not actually hard but more unintuitive I suppose.  Once you pass the secretary you come to the first poem.

"An unfortunate space 
that the printers missed,
changed the psychologists plague
to read the rapist"

"Inside the room
lay a mind's haute couture
with a butterfly board
and pins to cure

He was the type of man
who felt he saw much clearer
from the darkened side
of a one-way mirror

His patients were pieces
within a game
which when molded correctly
would bring him acclaim."

     The first room introduces the therapist.  He looks after a variety of quirky patients, and to each one he entrusts a monarch butterfly to care for.  Part of his curing process is to let the patients raise a butterfly from caterpillar, puppa to butterfly.  He keeps a cork board on the wall with a butterfly pinned above his many successes.  Each has a nameplate and the empty ones are for those not yet "cured".  At the top is a note that states that on the Monday a new patient named Anna will arrive.. and he puts in a notation that she may be antisocial.  I am sure he can handle any patient though.  The closet and chest are full of pose balls on hangers, no surprise as we all are aware that any good psychologist needs a variety of them for their patients.  On the shelves are various interactive pieces which contain poems or machinima.   One is the machinima for Cerulean.    


Mayray said…
I am astonished! These are beautiful works here. They all remind of me of the Arts Appreciation course which I did at the University of Nigeria More grease to your elbow.

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