Imogen -Beauty salon and fridge drawings

Ruth Etting

When the viewer jumps down the walls and walks past the rope of the previous stage they come to another singing robot, this time its Ruth Etting.  She stands outside a beauty salon singing a song called "All of me".  Inside is this poem.

    Imogen mused
        that she was more pigeon than swan
        as she climbed down the walls
        to the Beauty Salon
        She entered a room
        surrounded by chairs
        lowered the curlers
        and singed feather to hair
        Her disguise now complete
        she walked to the ceiling
        and saw a vision emerge
        in her dream revealing
        a future suppressed
        like fading notes to a song
        that we desperately grasp
        yet can not prolong.

Imogen and her hair curlers
     Here you will discover Imogen using the antiquated curlers to singe pigeon feathers into her hair, her disguise is now finally complete.  On the floor is another feather for wall walking and in the ceiling a hole which leads one to the next scene in the story. 
must use the feather to get to the hole in the ceiling

       A darkened kitchen
        strewn with blank paper
        once a child's drawings
        now dispersed like vapor
        This future denied
        left her mind frayed
        so her reality for dreams
        was what she'd trade
        She fled this scene
        unable to bear
        and rushed to her pigeons
        to find comfort there.

     At this point in the salon Imogen has a vision of a future that was denied her.  Her focus is pulled away from her quest to find the pigeons, bringing her back to the painful memories of her lost child.   The vision is of a darkened kitchen with just a glowing fridge.  The floor strewn with blank pages that a child has never drawn upon.  A fridge with no artworks suspended by magnetsShe forces these thoughts aside and rushes now to find her salvation.  Opening the door to the refrigerator and entering allows us to continue along her warped and changing reality.


Unknown said…
Where in Second Life we can find that location?
Bryn Oh said…
Hi Zauselina you can find Imogens story on my sim Immersiva

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