University of Texas exhibit - 26 tines

Saturday begins the second University of Texas event. The first was about four months ago and was part of Yoko Ono coming into Second Life to open her Imagine peace tower. Yes Yoko Ono is in sl. And yes her avatar looks like herself.

Above is the machinima for my University of Texas build. Its a cam build so you will need to use the ctrl alt left mouse button to find your way around, and unlike other builds they asked for a notecard explaination for the piece.. soooo if you are interested to see how my mind works when I build, then read the notecard. Hope you can come see... below is the official press release.


FEBRUARY 27, 2010
11am - 1pm - SLT

Humanity - Humane

The ArtSpace at the University of Texas San Antonio opens the much aniticipated new full-sim art exhibit that explores, through creative expression, the state of our Humanity.

14 of SL's most exciting artists have have contributed their works to this important exhibit. We cannot say enough about their talents and gifts and they honor the University with their work.

The exhibit will show at UTSA for several weeks but you will not want to miss the opening! You will have an opportunity to meet and speak with the artists, we will have plenty of original guest gifts, live music, and a great crowd of art lovers and enthusiasts!



Sowa Mai's dog said…

the technique which forces the viewer to cam in to the build increases immersion. It detaches us from our avatars and friends and chat and IMs and sends us in to a small hole where we have to concentrate on maneuvering or we can slip and cam out.The radio and bugs I've seen and Vera Lynn was a nice surprise but the notecard was a gift. It seems really important to me lately to hear what the artist was thinking and what each element represents. its a myth that the art should always speak for itself. I've been trying to get the artists at BiW to come and explain their art in video podcasts lately and it is so much richer than listening to a critic trying to figure it out and surmising and projecting all their stuff on the art.

thanks for another great piece of art Byrn

the emotional resonance you seem to imbue effortlessly is whats missing from a great percentage of SL art. Now how do you get the cam to move so smoothly for your machinima?
Bryn Oh said…
Thank you Sowa for the kind words. I am often torn as to whether to explain my artwork. For example, in explaining this build I have removed much of the discovery that the viewer gets to experience when finding their way through the build. Sometimes I wonder that, if by telling the viewer what the piece is about, I have not in fact removed ones need to be creative to figure out the meaning, if I have not removed part of the engagement that is essential for an art piece. I may have removed dozens of creative interpretations by suggesting there is only my way to see the build. There is no longer the need to interpret if the viewer is told what to think. I am not sure there is a right answer to this question. And as to the smooth movement of the camera in the machinima it is by using a 3D mouse called a Spacenavigator. A really handy tool for machinima.
Sowa Mai's dog said…
God point. I guess that's why, when faced with a piece of art, its good to soak it up before reading the signs. :)
Unknown said…
I agree about the emotion in the work and also understand what you mean about being unsure about giving up the backstory as it were. I do like hearing the artists perspective but usually after I have explored or experienced the work. Btw, Bryn, I am always happy to see your oils included within your builds.
Anonymous said…
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