#6 Colemarie Soleil's particle show

There is a volatile little faerie in Second Life named Colemarie Soleil.  She has a wide range of talents including, and not limited to, creating SL fashion, sculpture and machinima.  She is a wonderful musician as well as a great writer.  One day she mentioned to me that she would be putting on a particle show to music on a great sim called Inspire Space Park created by Raphael Cremorne, Earth Primbee, and Grafx Newbold.  She said it so offhand that I nearly didn't go thinking it was just a small thing she didn't really want me to see.  I am really glad I did though as it was a mesmerizing hour of particles performing to music.  I am not sure if the video did justice to the show, but in many ways it was like being in a dream or fireworks show.  There was very little repetition of effects and each was choreographed in real time to the music by Cole as it played.  She was like a conductor in an electric circus.  It was the first time I had seen someone take particles and use them as the main focus in an art piece let alone a performance.  At different points she combined sculpture and prims to ensure that the viewer would not become desensitized to the particles.  Just a long enough break to view something different that when removed would have the viewer again hypnotized by the particles.  The choice of music, the pacing and variety all worked seamlessly to keep my attention for the entire hour.  Once the performance was done Cole gave every person there the entire particle show so they could do it all themselves.  It was literally months of creating particles, and she gave them away as though it were nothing.  I don't think anyone who received the particles that day truly understood the prize that Cole had given them.  Many artists and designers in Second Life would never give away their secrets like that, but to Cole it was done without even a second thought.  All these things combined to make Coles particle show number six on my favorite things from last year.


Anonymous said…
Don't stop posting such articles. I like to read blogs like that. By the way add more pics :)
Anonymous said…
To the dreaming Bodhisattvas who drink from this blog, Greetings lecherous monkeys! and where to burst, sweating tsunamis like a poetic crack wrath to smoke the gold of your soul? at the conclusion? the imploding nano moment of the all ending all beginning back to the singularity, “the rose of mysterious union”, when divinities mythic mind seed fucked a fecund elemental egg , or closer to home hell shall we roam, dig? deep down to the water of genesis, to the bloody show, the rush of rivers, the kingly crowning of vaginal thorns and a mothers screams, when our first gasp of light foretold our inevitable drowning in darkness. Meanwhile we scratch and build and pray and make particle love. As a motorcycle circus clown for Jesus, I of course know something of particles and their kinship to the spirit. Disclaimer: I do think ColeMarie is a Goddess of the highest order, and while I’ve nothing to offer but these poor finger taps on keys for tribute we are all blessed, or shall I say cursed, who have laid eyes and ears on her wonders. Her visions in
skin/show/film/song evoke a feeling of spiritual freedom. Her imaginings are nothing less than the creation of new worlds and languages and while I may not fully understand the syntax of her soul, it is a soul that speaks to many; such mysteries and revelations as only the world’s greatest mother goddesses can bestow, the experience of which, that if you were the Pharaoh himself you would lay prostrate in tears before your Namibian mistress; that if you were the High Priest of the mighty Aztec empire, you would gladly welcome the Sun’s Apocalypse to run away with your virgin victim, that if you were possessed of a thousand heads you would surely cut them off yourself to bejewel the radiant neck of Kali, the Destroyer. No light escapes the pull of her heavenly demonic spells. In other words, I think she’s one hell of a talent.

Trindolyn Beck said…
This is beyond beautiful. ColeMarie is The Paricle Princess and, YES, she so understates her talent that I miss every one of her shows, like she is embarrassed to show how wonderful she is. I am so sad I missed this show. /me bonks Colie on the bean!!
Anonymous said…
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