Monday, February 15, 2010

Crosshatch on Rezzable open sim.

A few months ago Rezzable commissioned me to build something for them.  What I decided to build was a little narrative I created a few years ago in pen and ink.  At the time I was asked to put work into a coffee table book and I decided that I loved pen and ink drawings.  Unfortunately I had not worked in that style before so decided to learn how to draw in ink with a nib.  Dip a metal pen into india ink and draw.  Very old fashioned but I love that stuff.  So I picked out my favorite pen and ink / etchers and began to study them.  One great resource was victorian fashion books.  So as it turned out, I also happened to discover Edward Gorey at the same time.  The narrative I created was directly influenced by Gorey.  He was fantastic and I have already made his Gashlycrumb Tinies series in prims which you can see the advert here
Anyway, so the build I did for Rezzable is a 3D recreation of my 2D pen and ink drawings.  I will put the drawing I did which corresponded to the machinima above, here so you can see what i mean.  Each 3D build only comes together from certain camera angles, otherwise they are just a bundle of weird prims.


Strangely, there were some writers who suggested that I was leaving Second Life to go to Open Sim. Next time please just ask me, I think that I am fairly approachable.  The conversation would have gone very much like this.  Writer: "are you leaving Second Life to go to Open Sim?" Bryn Oh: "no".

The main reason I am posting this right now is that the show might be ending soon.  I have hand placed over 10, 000 prims but unfortunately I don't have a copy of the build.  I attempted to go into their grid with Imprudence viewer to copy it but the result is that I can no longer get in at all.  I was also to get a builder bot to copy it, but unfortunately it is broken.  I have tried to get help from Rezzables Foolish Frost but he is unresponsive, so long story short the build is likely gone once the island is closed down again.

If you think you would like to go see it then you will have to go to Rezzable website here and make an account and then go visit by clicking on the red  "private grid" button to the left.  Oh and there is a sky setting of course.  Its at the front where you arrive.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the build should you make it over there.

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