#5 mushROOM by Scottius Polke

Last year I picked Rezzables "Greenies" sim as one of my favorites.  I grumbled a bit because it had been changed for the worse since its original design.  You can read my minor grumbles here.  One thing I wondered was when someone else would play with scale the same way Greenies had so masterfully done.  A year later and we have Mr Scottius Polke an exceptional little otter who doesn't think tiny.  That is a pun btw as in second life we have tinies which are ... oh nevermind.  What makes his build "mushROOM" even more impressive is that Scottius did all the texturing himself.  There are only so many hours in the day and second life has so many disciplines to learn.. scripting, texturing, animations, building, particles etc etc.  Where Greenies was a team of fantastic builders such as Light Waves, Littletoe Bartlett and Pavig Lok, Scottius worked alone.  I must admit that I have an irrational soft spot for builders who create alone.  There are just a handful of them, but often they can compete against the builder "teams".
   What is successful about Scottius's work is that it combines many elements to create the whole.  At the start of the machinima you see me double click tp onto the desk.  Inside the drawers are things to find as well there are humourous titles to the books above.  Wandering the build will discover lots of fun things which mirror Scottius's sense of humour.  There are also interactive elements such as jumping on the bed or throwing those crumpled up pieces of paper at other people.  It has a challenging colour palette yet works perfectly.  Its a well crafted fun build and I loved it.  I often go to visit galleries and builds in SL and rarely does one come into a place that has a unique feel to it.  Scottius's work made me sit up and say "hey wait this is different".

I am unfortunately in a viewer I got a few moments ago and have no idea how to make a slurl yet.  Sooo go to the profile of Scottius Polke and in his picks at the top is mushROOM.

Here is the slurl.    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lennox%20Hill/38/165/1009

(also Scottius is a Otter not a Badger)


nessuno myoo said…
Really good work, compliments to Scottius Polke :)
nessuno myoo
Cole Marie said…
Scottius rules I think he is awesomely
Anonymous said…
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