The Dance of Death - Vernissage TV clip

     My friend Andrea Numanox linked me to this video created at the opening last week of the Dance of Death with Peter Greenaway.  I am pleased to see my own work shown a few times in the video which is always nice.  Nothing worse than being part of something where there is no actual footage of your work anywhere.  That happened to me for the World Expo in Shanghai when I had several machinima on screens there, all the photographs I could find online that people took of the Madrid pavilion always had somebody elses machinima playing.  It then turns into a "trust me I was in it... no I can't show you my work that was there... but really I was"  and so on.  Ok to be honest my main reason for wanting the proof is to use as a visual aid for my parents who still don't quite understand what a virtual world is.  I mean it has only been six years I know, perhaps I am moving too fast but still.  I will spend an hour explaining it to my Dad and leave thinking he finally understands it, then the next time I visit it is like starting all over again.  "Virtual whatsa?" he says.  In fact it is worse than that.  They take their half formed understanding of what I do to their friends and try to explain it.. thus turning it into something completely new and bizarre, well more bizarre.  Or their friends convince them I am playing The Sims.  "No Mom and Dad it is not the game where you play house and if you leave your newspaper on the counter for 2 minutes it starts to get stink lines"  They are very polite about it though, they always nod encouragingly to me while sipping their tea.  Anyway, the video is from an interesting site called Vernissage TV

      In my last post I talked a bit about when I spoke to Mr Greenaway on skype and how he is very much a classical orator in the way he speaks.  I am glad that this video showed his address to the crowd at the opening so you know what I was talking about.  It really did feel like I was watching a TV show on the History Channel when we talked on skype.  What I found really amazing about the project is the diversity of styles present.  So many really talented people involved and all using quite varied mediums.  Hopefully I can get more footage of the other artists and post it here.  I know Rose Borchovski also has a work in it but not sure which is hers.


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