Avert your eyes Santa

    Last night was the first snow storm in Toronto and it was kind of early in the season.  I went out gleefully and took some pictures as I have not yet begun to despise winter yet.  I have a confession though, something to get off my mind.  I feel a touch guilty and partially responsible, so this is just between us.
     As I was taking these photos out in the countryside, I decided, after a while, that it was time to turn around and go home.  I didn't want to do a U turn on one of these snowy country roads.. I mean seriously look at the pictures, I could go in the ditch and my god that would be horrible.  So as I was searching for a way to turn around I came across this lovely house and decided I would turn around in their front driveway.  Much more sensible right?  Well I turned in to the driveway and noticed it was on a bit of a hill going down.  Then I began to question whether I was actually on their driveway or instead in their front yard.  It was hard to tell since it was completely pristine white snow and it all looked the same.  Things were still fine at this point, but then my wheels began to spin in place.  If I had kept my cool things may have still turned out ok, however, I got a bit alarmed at the thought of getting stuck there in someones front yard, rather than driveway, and perhaps I used a little bit too much acceleration.  Well far too much acceleration.  I saw dirt start to fly out over the beautiful white snow and then panicked a bit and began to slide around all over their front yard.
     At this point I guess I had only made a half dozen or so big muddy ruts in their lawn, but then I kind of slowly slid over to this white mound, then flowers began to shoot out behind the car when I accelerated.  So I stopped and looked to the front windows of the house dreading to see if anyone observed the horrible things I was doing to their lawn and flower bed.  I saw no face showing complete horror in the window, so I did what any rational person would do in such a situation, which was to continue trying what had already failed miserably for ten minutes.  I eventually found the driveway and was able to escape to the road
again.  I briefly considered knocking on the door and telling them I had driven over... no.. murdered their front yard and garden and that I was sorry, but I chose rather to sneak away and whisper Merry Christmas instead.
     Anyway, so yes I am a horrible person and I did a terrible thing today.  Someone is going to see that lawn and go WTF!  When I got home I logged into Second Life and there was a message saying Merry Christmas and a gift sent to me from the delightful scripter Desdemona Enfield.  After destroying that persons front yard I was fairly certain that Santa would not be bringing me any gifts this year so I was very pleased to receive this present before my lawn exploits became known to Mr Clause.  I took out the gift and you know,  nothing says Merry Christmas like a present which  demonstrates the movement of Comet ISON through the solar system.  Just teasing Des, but as it may be visible from the northern hemisphere in December, and since it is a pretty impressive feat of math and physics I wanted to share it with everyone.  You can get your very own free one here.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pomponio/188/154/59


Kara Trapdoor said…
LOL Bryn, that story is so cute. Could have happened to anyone really. You got some great pics at least : )
Bryn Oh said…
haha.. I kind of wish I had taken a photo of the murdered lawn but unfortunately I was too busy fleeing.
Douglas Story said…
Oh fine. One of Second Life's greatest artists abandons her finer instincts and turns donuts on a neighbor's yard driving her monster truck. For shame, Bryn!

Desde's comet gadget is pretty cool. It has buttons to advance the time by a day at a time, or a week; there's also a display that shows you what date the thing is showing. And the particles are pretty. :)
Bryn Oh said…
Oh I hardly did donuts Douglas... it resembled more an upturned plate of spagetti I think. And I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but... the comet seems to have exploded. I think Des has some more scripting to do.
Opps :) At least you didn't hit their house while tearing up their yard!

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