Dance of Death machinima

 The exceptionally talented Elmer Leupen was kind enough to convert my machinima for the Dance of Death and send it to me last week, here it is above.

Image from the Huffington Post
     Unfortunately I have been unable to find the other artists creations who had worked outside SL, but I do have Rose Borchovski's wonderful machinima from the project.  I liked the idea by Rose to incorporate her Susa Bubble story into the narrative of the Dance of Death.  I often do the same within my own narratives where characters overlap in some cases.  Ideally, characters such as Roses will, over time, become iconic to the degree that they can be smaller elements within a larger project, such as the Dance of Death, but if they contain enough depth themselves they will instead become main characters who are hosting the project rather than vice versa.  Not sure if I explained that well.  So imagine if I were to make more narratives with the Rabbicorn,  The Daughter of Gears, Anna or Imogen perhaps.  If I created chapter upon chapter of depth to some of those characters, then if they were to make an appearance within another project such as the Dance of Death, then perhaps their depth of character or history would overpower the other newer and more surface narratives which share the project, thus creating a situation where they are not "guests" within a larger project but rather they could be dominant instead, with everything else being the "guest".  If they have a past narrative history as well as potentially a future one, then the project they make an appearance in would be simply a marker along their path.  Anyway, I don't think I explained that well but I think it is an interesting idea.  Many of you are likely familiar with the Susa Bubble story, but if not you can find the portion called Inevitability of Fate at Rose's sim called Two fish.
And below you will find her lovely machinima.


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