shake fist!

   A while ago I discovered a movie called "I'm here" which is a short film by Spike Jonze.  I really enjoyed its strange sweet quirkiness.  It can be seen online here ... and after you put in your birthday it will bring you to the front of a movie theatre.  Just click the ticket booth spot and it will show you a monitor that tells you how many views are available for watching the movie.  Each day has a limited number.  Click that and off you go.  You will probably watch it and say "well of course you like it Bryn it is similar to your own freaking stories!" and I would shake my fist at you and say "hey you wouldn't be on my blog if you didn't like them too!" and you might grumble a bit then watch the movie.

     And in other news the entire town of Buford is for sale in Wyoming.  You can have it all including a gas station, convenience store, a 1905 schoolhouse, a cabin, a garage, 10 acres of land, a three-bedroom home and so on.  Perfect for the SLer accustomed to the post apocalyptic feeling of wandering deserted malls.


Anonymous said…
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