Standby-->Virginia Alone

On April 1st I am going to take down Standby so if you would like to see it before it goes then you have a few days.  I will then begin building a new project called Virginia Alone which will take at least a few months.  A portion of it will be shown at the Santa Fe International New Media Festival that runs between June 22nd and July 8th.   Have a look at the quality of works from the 2011 show and you will know why I am all stressed out and need to get this started.

     More info when we get closer to the opening!


IndigoWraithe said…
Standby was wonderful, your best work to date. I enjoyed my run through, it was very dramatic and you did a great job of creating action and movement even when the actors were all sitting still. thanks for making such beautiful creations. I look forward to your next piece.
Anonymous said…
Life ended upRS Gold being great, your easiest work to particular date. My partner and i loved the explain to you, it had been quite spectacular and you also does a fantastic job of creating motion and also movement even when the actual celebrities counseled me sitting Cheap Runescape Goldstill. many thanks generating these gorgeous projects. I anticipate the next part.

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