Annas Many Murders on Originalia

A while ago the talented Eliza Wierwight introduced me to Amase Levasseur who owns Originalia.  After a few discussions Amase very graciously offered me Originalia to build on, and after thinking about what to do I decided to put down Annas Many Murders.

Here is the SLURL

     I thought up Anna while riding on the subway.  I was listening to my Ipod on a very crowded train when, to my dismay, its battery died.   I was taken out of my little world of music while everyone else on the train was still blissfully immersed in theirs.  Looking around I was greeted by an almost complete human silence with just the sounds of creaking and bumping from the Subway.  It was as though everyone had receded into their own bubble of awareness that provided entertainment but also helped prevent the dreaded "interaction" with strangers.  Weirdos generally don't accost you when you have headphones on because well... they assume you can't hear them.  That doesn't actually work in Toronto because they talk to you anyway, because when the end is nigh then I guess the end is nigh regardless of headphones.

     It was a bit disturbing actually as the train was quite full but so strangely quiet.  Almost like that old invasion of the body snatchers movie where all the pod people or whatever they were only really communicated verbally for appearances.  I began to daydream, as I often do, and started to picture a world of the future where we didn't carry around accessories such as Blackberries, video games, ipods, ebooks and so on, but rather had them surgically implanted.  We would just keep upgrading our own bodies or rather the foreign components in our bodies.

     So for example if you were walking down the street and decided to pick up a loaf of nice raisin bread you would perhaps first find a gps location of the closest bakery.  In your eye app you would see a path appear for you to follow to find that bakery.  As you got closer your nose app would smell the aroma and info on how long ago the bread was made, how many calories and perhaps customer ratings would be given to you.

      The story is about Anna, a not so stable person, who sees the dehumanization of those around her and copes in her own way.  It is not a black and white story of good and evil but rather a tale about a quiet girl who finds herself an outcast and reacts in the greys of madness.

     The jurors find Anna with one of their own.  She has removed his chest app and placed a tiny plant inside.  In her mind she sees what she is doing as helping but to everyone else it is a horror.

"Shopping bags blowing
in the sky,
she'd pretend 
were butterflies"

Her reality is different from everyone else, and as she goes through the levels of society she deals with them in a very final way.  Quiet, shy and unstoppable is Anna.


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