Season Finale of the Avatar Games

 I am ending this season of the Avatar Games on Sunday November 6th at 2pm SLT.  It has been great fun with wonderful attendance.  The finals will be the group in blue below and that will be held on November 6th at 2pm SLT.

The slurl is

I am not sure if there will be a second season as the LEA group has to decide if they want to use the sim for the games or to create something new.  Also I would have to make a new course which is kind of time consuming.   I would really like to thank Galea Yates and Taralyn Gravois for their help contacting the contestants and keeping them organized during the show.  They were amazing.  Sasun Steinbeck for her brilliant scripting which made the scoreboards and start gates.  They were essential to the games actually functioning.  Crap Mariner and Honour McMillan for very entertaining commentary which had the audience laughing much of the time.  They were a funny combo.

Below are the fastest runners over the season.  Some of them were just fast, while others were fortunate enough to be shot in the air then shot in the arse propelling them almost to the finish line.

1 -ZoZo Raven - One minute six seconds
2 -Kumiyo Nakamori - One minute eight seconds
3 -Fei Bourdeille - One minute nine seconds
4 -hugues Haiku - One minute eleven seconds
5 -Zev Titanium - One minute sixteen seconds
6 -Cion Aeghin - One minute twenty one seconds
7 -Myndi Meredith - One minute twenty two seconds
8 -theblackcloud Oh - One minute thirty three seconds
9 -AlmostThere Inventor - One minute thirty three seconds
10 -Spectr3 Belfire - One minute thirty five seconds
11- quentinrez Resident - One minute thirty six seconds
12 -Opensource Obscure - One minute forty seconds
13 -April Kohl - One minute forty seconds
14 -WhyAmIHere Zadark - One minute forty four seconds
15 -Kev Sweetwater - One minute forty five seconds
16 -Zeev Dinzeo - One minute forty seven seconds

Red is rarely a good colour and today it is not as well.   Below are the worst runners from last season.  I have a soft spot for them all as they just did it for fun and were wonderful sports.  Robin Moore ran as a giant carrot and Filthy Fluno was just terrible in underpants.  I thought Filthy might still be running it but it says he finished in just under five minutes.  I don't actually remember Accord taking twelve minutes to run the course which leads me to believe I blocked it out or was in a trance of some sort.  I am just being evil and teasing.  They were often the most outlandishly dressed and fun ones.

Robin Moore - Three minutes sixteen seconds
annamarie Dagostino - Three minutes twenty eight seconds
Estaban Olivieri - Three minutes twenty nine seconds
Ux Hax - Three minutes forty four seconds
 nutron Ornitz - Three minutes fifty two seconds
fabilene Cortes - Four minutes twenty seconds
Acrylickitty Resident - Four minutes fifty four seconds
Filthy Fluno - Four minutes fifty eight seconds
Dekka Raymaker - Five minutes thirty three seconds
Randy Firebrand - Five minutes forty seconds
gina Broono - Five minutes fifty seconds
Accord Carling  - Twelve minutes fifty nine seconds

I have not  decided on a prize yet so if anyone wants to donate something or make a suggestion then let me know and we can work it out.  Can have a private party on Immersiva with live music maybe.    I should really ask the contestants what they would want.


Hugues Ha├»ku said…
Revenge !
Honour McMillan said…
Filthy never finished his second fun - we have hope though that he might appear before the end. Otherwise he'll spend eternity looking for clean underwear in the cesspool. sigh
Bryn Oh said…
Well it was originally called the spring of eternal beauty before Filthy fell into the cesspool. Never saw fish evolve legs so quickly in order to get out of there.
Pixie Rain said…
Prize suggestion: A genuine Bryn Oh Shopping Trolley. Reminiscent of the ubiquitous "Supermarket Dash" competitions - a combo of skill, speed and downright luck!
Anonymous said…
Where did Narco come?
The wheezy, sleepy mofo...

Anonymous said…
Soiled in noDiablo 3 items way accomplished their second exciting - we've desire however that she might appear prior to a finish. Normally he'll almost certainly invest eternity looking forgw2 gold clean up under garments in the cesspool. sigh

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