Introducing the LEA Land Grant

LEA Land Grant

The LEA committee is very excited to announce something that we have been working towards for quite a while now.  Essentially we have convinced Linden Labs and their stockholders to give us 20 sims for a year in order to support the arts in Second Life.  Below you will find the official announcement and application form to consider.  Shortly we will create the online application form and you can start to fill it out if you are interested.  The applications will be due by November 1st 2011.  Check the Linden Endowment for the Arts blog for updates.

 LEA Land Grant application:

The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) has negotiated with Linden Labs to make available twenty new regions for the arts in Second Life. Four regions will be reserved for exhibitions curated from LEA sandbox art, and two will be allocated through a land rush.  Details will follow on those six regions.  Fourteen will be allocated by application.  These regions will be awarded to selected artists for a period of five months. After the completion of five months those regions will be transferred to a new set of awardees. Recipients can be considered for a second endowment of five months.

Choose a category you wish to apply for and write a 200 word description of what you plan to achieve over the endowment period.  Include a curriculum vitae or resume, and/or ways to see previous work (links to images, YouTube, slurl, websites).

Art organizations, patrons, or curators applying for a region should be able to show an active record of supporting the arts within Second Life or experience in first life that can be translated to the virtual world.

Thank you for your interested in the LEA Land Grant Award, a five-month grant of land for art.

Please answer all questions.

1. Please enter your full Second Life name.  (This should be your username, not your display name.)

2. Please enter your primary email address. (This is the email address by which we will contact you if your application is accepted.)

3. I am applying for a region as a:
1. individual
2. group of artists working together (including performance)
3. representative of artist organization
4. patron
5. curator
6. other

4. I am applying for a full ___  or half ____ region
5.  Application Title:
6. Describe your proposed art project in 200 words or less:
7. Maturity rating of your project:
8  Please include your cv or resume.  Attach or link.
9.  Please include links to previous work (images, video, etc.)
10. Do you understand Second Life’s Terms of Service and Community Standards and do you agree to abide by them while participating in this Linden Endowment for the Arts event?

Terms of Service:
Community Standards:

Yes, I understand Second Life’s Terms of Service and Community Standards and agree to abide by them.

8. Do you understand the Linden Endowment for the Arts’ Code of Conduct and do you agree to abide by the Code while participating in this Linden Endowment for the Arts event?

Code of Conduct

Yes, I understand the Linden Endowment for the Arts’ Code of Conduct and agree to abide by the Code.

Thank you for submitting your proposal to the Linden Endowment for the Arts! 

The LEA committee:

Bryn Oh
Dancoyote Antonelli
Dekka Raymaker
JayJay Zifanwe
L1 Loire
Sasun Steinbeck
Solo Mornington
Werner Kurosawa

PatriciaAnne Daviau (advisor) 


Indigo Mertel said…
Congratulations to the whole LEA committee!
Kandinsky said…
Good achievment of the LEA committee!
It will be great to follow the happenings on LEA.

I have just one suggestion:
Let a pice of "land" and time stay open for afficionados for art that cannot present a heavy curriculum vitae from practicing or organizing art but has an exciting or in anyway interesting idea they want to do and exhibit.

That is a way to nourish new talents, to give them oppportunity for trial and error and for getting advice from you who are experianced.

Maybe you can even introduce a mentoring system for persons wanting to implement their ideas but has little or no earlier background in art.
Unknown said…
Terrific work from the LEA team.
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Anonymous said…
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