LEA Land rush

     Another announcement to make.  The LEA will be holding a project called the Land Rush Residency on the 30th of October.  It will be done twice during the day once at 10AM SLT and the other at 4PM SLT.  It will be for 16 parcels on two sims.  Essentially we announce a place to go for those in a group, they tp there and run to be the first to click a big red button.  If you are first to click the button then you get the land for two months.  We are an art group so you will be expected to make some type of art rather than erect a penis store.  Hopefully to make things that are unique to this medium.  Well I guess a penis store would be unique to this medium but you know what I mean.
     If you are familiar with Burning Life and have participated in their land rushes then it is about the same as that.  I encourage pinching, biting and kicking but please no gouging.  We will be doing the land rush over the entire year so if you don't manage to get one then you can try again and again.  The land rush sims will be within the 20 endowment regions so should be part of a fun community.   More info on the group to join and so on will be available on the LEA blog.


Anonymous said…
just waiting on my visa to visit, made me think about my great-g-g granfather, George Arnold, disabled Civil War vet, that grabbed some land in post war Minnesota with the stipulatiion that a 12x14 structure be built within the year, the law did not specify inches or feet and he got away with building a teeie-tiny house the first year before the law was amended, don't think it was a penis store but a little tavern for field mice to hide from hawks

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