Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Expo - Island two - Entropy

     Glyph Graves is one of my favorite scripters in Second Life.  He always seems to be developing new and interesting ways to combine existing information such as wind variables into his work.  At other times such as with the IBM build currently up, he partnered with Jules Rickenbacker to translate information taken from a petri dish  into Second Life to move prims in accordance with the movements within the dish.  Its unique scripting done by very few others.  There are a handful of  really talented scripters such as Ordinal Malaprop, Foolish Frost, Selavy Oh, Seifert Surface, Sasun Steinbeck and Desdemona Enfield who I am aware of and likely tons more who are working in obscurity creating fantastic things.  Its really a part of the art in Second Life that doesn't get the credit which it deserves.  Its a category no different from prim builders, texture artists, machinima artists, sound artists, performance and so on.  Anyway, when I was looking for artists to help with the five islands for the World Expo I wanted a top scripter on one island and asked Glyph who created a beautiful installation with some great scripting.

     By clicking the center tree you will set off the scripting element which involves disassembling the figures on the mountains who then meet within the center of the sim to cycle in a form of dance.  Check the machinima below to see what i mean.

       Its interesting though that second life art has evolved for me in different ways such as having "favorites" in categories.  Generally in first life people have a favorite painter, they don't generally distinguish between painters who specialize in texture or colourists or ones who work in highly complex composition.  It all comes down to a general favorite painter for most.  In second life I have way more categories within art.  I might have a favorite overall artist, but I also have favorite overall builds which might not be from the same artist.  Some have years of continuously great building installations where others have one magnificent build.  I could talk about favorite sound artists like Adam Nash/Ramona or Dizzy Banjo, favorite texture artists such as AM Radio or Scottius Polke, installation artists like four Yip or AuraKyoo Insoo.  Particle artists like ColeMarie Soleil or Jopsy Pendragon.  And most of those fit into more than one category.  I could branch out to great flickr artists who manipulate second life such as Ash or Alpha Auer, and of course the scripters whom i mentioned above.  I should do that next post.  Show some great flickr artists.  I am sure I don't know all of them so if you have any suggestions let me know either here or in world.

     Actually, I see there is a group in Flickr called Steamprincess which is made up of pictures taken of my builds.  I think I will showcase some of my favorites from that group in the upcoming weeks too, because I think its awsome people take pictures of my work.  So if you have any pictures put them there.  The group was created by Therese Carfagno.  Here is the flickr info for it..
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