Sunday, June 20, 2010

I say fever

     I came across this brilliant video done by Stefan Nadelman for the band Ramona Falls.  Every so often I come across something like this which inspires me, so I figured perhaps I should put it on my blog.  Just listen to the lyrics and pace of the music with your eyes closed first.  Don't watch how Stefan interpreted it visually.  Then watch it again.  Its so creative how he interpreted the song.  I really wonder what software this was done in too.  Think it might have been done in a few programs.  Could be flash then brought into something else later, or it could even have been done in a high end software package like Maya or Softimage but not used in the way we normally would expect them to look.  If anyone recognizes the software let me know to relieve my curiosity.  The 16:9 format of youtube really buggers the right column of my blog so I apologise for the messy look.  I had to make a column in the right of a bunch of dots just to lower the Rabbicorn book tab thingy so it wont be over the video ... gah!

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