Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lady Carmagnolle

Lady Carmagnolle is one of the characters on Immersiva. In her hand she holds a rock that will play the below video if you click it.

The idea behind Immersiva is that its an abandoned theme park which was centered around the use of robots. The robots were the attraction. It became unsustainable and the human owners abandoned it. As a result there were many left over robots who would wander the park looking for a purpose to their existence. Characters like Willow and Angler Girl live there as well as all the robots on the Carousel and others themes like 26 tines. The only humans who now come there are those who catch and dismantle the robots for salvage parts to sell. Some of the stories, such as with Willow or Irrevocably, are about hiding from these salvagers and the depth of companionship or humanity the robots develop which in some ways surpass that of the humans who created them. Others like Angler Girl must lure then steal the batteries of other robots in order to survive, sometimes despising herself for doing so.

     Lady Carmagnolle was a performing robot at the theatre on the island. She was fitted with strings to make her resemble a marionette, but they were merely ornamentation for her last show. After the theme park was abandoned she remained on the stage with her lighting robot. Slowly the theatre collapsed with age and her strings rotted away. She would climb up and retie the strings in an attempt to keep the only identity she had ever known intact. Lady Carmagnolle was also very lonely. She would gather rocks that were close to the stage and draw faces on them pretending they were birds who had lost their wings. As her memory chips grew old and filled with sand she began to create her own world in her mind. A fantasy where when it grew overcast and the rain washed away the faces she drew on her rocks, she would instead imagine that her friends had grown new wings and found happiness with their own companions in the sky.

The music for this machinima was created by a very talented composer by the name of Justin Lassen. He has produced remixes for artists such as Madonna, Garbage, Blue Man Group, Lenny Kravitz, The Killers, Lady Gaga, NIN, Evanescence, as well as numerous projects for the film and game industries. And he very graciously let me use the track. And some very good news for Second Life is that Justin has come in world as the avatar Darklyinclined Hummingly (thanks to ColeMarie Soleil) and has been inspired to compose work by Immersiva and Straylight sim. Our virtual world art inspiring first life artists?  Professional curators like Aino Baar bringing our work to the World Expo?  Now if only some other curators would use some vision.  My previous post showed the effect that professional sound composition had on 7 days magic bakery, so imagine a sim owner commissioning Justin to create a custom soundtrack. It would be stunning.
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