Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Virtual Build Archive

"The Virtual Build Archive is the joint project of Gala Charron (Tamara Russell) and Lainy Voom (Trace Sanderson).

The aim of this site is to document through film and narrative some of the most beautiful builds within the virtual world of Second Life. We hope over time to build the site from a small acorn into quite an extensive catalogue of in-world created content. Both Gala and Lainy will take it in turns to create a video of an inspiring build and present it on the archive site."

Above is what is written on the Virtual Build Archive website. I really like the way they are creating this portal to remember those builds which are here now, yet may well cease to exist as is the transient nature of second life art. But beyond that I really like the professional manner in which they are done. Over the next little while I will show those machinima they have already done. I think its a really worthwhile project that Lainey and Gala are doing and if you like what you see then go visit the site.


Alexander Beach - Inspired Architecture from The VBA on Vimeo.

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